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I’m dedicated to helping female coaches and course creators grow a thriving business by teaching them how to generate more leads, make more sales, and create a massive impact… without all the hustle.

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From marketing strategies to tech tips to balancing work and family, your host Rachel McMichael joins other leading entrepreneurs to share real talk about creating a business that has lasting impact and influence (and of course… income!)


There are literally hundreds if not thousands of options for systems and tools in your business. Grab my free toolkit and discover the exact tools I used to automate my business!


An exclusive community for purpose-driven female entrepreneurs who want to TRANSFORM their online business and turn their PASSION into their PURPOSE so they can reach more people and change more lives.

“I literally didn't even know what a lead page or opt in was, let along how to set one up, nor had I set up an Email List, Facebook Ads or work Sales Funnels either!! I was a true beginner & now I have set up all my lead pages, email sequences & have my sales funnel structured. Not to mention my first course mapped out, as well as a working knowledge of Facebook Ads I could never have imagined! I'm on the cusp of launching this first course, finally with the confidence & belief to make it the success it deserves to be! So exciting as this was something I only dreamed of before (literally for the last 4 years!) & now it's going to be a reality.”

– Lynne Mills, Make-Up Specialist

“It’s high-value, no BS, tried and tested methods breaking everything down into simple steps… perfect if you already feel overwhelmed by the idea of launching a program. I now feel confident about launching my program later this month and making it a success!”

– Susanne Schwameis, Career & Business Strategist

“My landing page conversion rates to sign up the for the challenge were 63%. My webinar $ conversion rate was 56%. I then held a second webinar… my landing page conversion rate for this webinar was 86%. I hit my $ goal a few hours after this class… I had to shut the doors… Such a great feeling! I'm proof that you can launch with no ads if your list is super warm and toasty!”

– Lindsay Maloney, Business Coach

You Were Meant For Greatness…and I Want To Help You Get There.


I totally get it. When I first left corporate life to make it on my own terms, I struggled… hard. I know what it’s like to feel like you’re chasing a pipe dream while also juggling reality (helllooo to the mega Mom-guilt I felt as I tried to balance growing my business and spending time with my family!).

But over the last 10 years, I’ve launched and scaled three businesses to multiple 6-figures. Now, it’s my mission to hand over my playbook so YOU can see the same success in your business. My goal is to help as many course creators and coaches as possible leverage the power of Facebook Advertising and online marketing so they can launch and scale their businesses the right way.

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The best way to get where you want to go is with a purpose and a plan! As soon as you log in for the first time, you’ll be prompted to take the quiz to find out what the BEST next step for your business will be… from Creating Content to Building Your Audience, Growing Your List to Selling Your Product (or Service), and of course, Serving Your Customers — you’ll have everything you need to focus on the 5 pillars every seven figure entrepreneur focuses on each month.


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At the beginning of each month, you’ll receive an email when the latest and greatest monthly action plan is ready for you. You’ll log in to your membership portal, where you’ll grab the brand new content and add the monthly Q&As and virtual workshops to your calendar AND you’ll also get to be part of the exclusive facebook group and you’ll get exclusive deals and discounts only for members!

I earned my first 5 figure month after working with Rachel and now am almost consistently earning 5 figures a month!!!! When I started working with Rachel, my business lacked focus and organization. Rachel is a fantastic mentor. She is always pushing me to think deeper, to work on my strategies, to set stretch goals and to improve myself so I am a better leader. Rachel has helped me take a business that was disorganized and overwhelming to a company that I absolutely love and can't wait to continue to grow.”

– Karoline Rose, KRose Marketing & Consulting

Before working with Rachel I was incredibly stressed and overwhelmed with all of the projects and ideas I had in mind to grow and build my business. As a mother to two young children I only have a few hours each day to get things done, but knowing where to start and focus my time was difficult to figure out. With Rachel's help I've been able to use my time efficiently to get the tasks done in the order that will move my business forward. My time management has gotten better and those ideas have now been turned into action. I love the accountability Rachel gives as well as her follow through with weekly action plans. Without her help, I have no doubt that I would still be feeling stressed and be lacking in implementing my ideas.

– P. Jeanne, Blogger and Health Coach

“Going through Rachel McMichael’s program has truly been the driving force behind my success in my personal training and on-line fitness business. Rachel’s business acumen resonates with every conversation we have together. Her assigned tasks and follow ups have created exactly the focus that I need to stay on track and grow my business. I highly recommend Rachel’s program to anyone looking to build their entrepreneurship endeavors”

– Meryl Marciante, Montreal Personal Trainer

The Business With
Impact Podcast


The Business with Impact podcast brings you renowned female entrepreneurs who are dishing real talk about overcoming the obstacles business owners face when building their brands online. Come learn how to create lasting impact, influence, and income!