The Techspert™

{thee tek·spurt}
Noun: A blonde entrepreneur who is obsessed with taking care of the techy stuff so you can stress less and focus more of your time and energy on the things you love the most!
See also: Toddler mom. Yoga lover. CPA. Successful online business owner.

Gone are the days where men are in charge of all things techy!

Move over man with specs... I'm Rachel and I'm The Techspert™!

I'll get your website up, your ads converting, and your business off the ground - so you have the time for the things you LOVE in your biz!

I’m obsessed with helping women create businesses they love without all of the stress. My clients are my friends and I don't let my friends fail. Period.

WOMEN come to me when they’re feeling exhausted with all the techy things in their biz.

They’re ready to step into their zone of genius and stop wasting time on YouTube until all hours of the morning trying to set it up themselves.

Together, we create systems, processes, and strategies that feel great and that work for them while they sleep!

These techy things are the behind-the-scenes catalysts that lead to buzz, excitement, and successful launches - think tons of leads, full courses, and happy clients!

No more guessing.
No more banging your head against the wall.
No more wasted time.
No more wanting to throw your computer out the window.

With more than 10 years in business, I’ve worked with huge brands, start-ups, and everything in between, and I have a totally unique perspective on what it takes to get there because I’ve done it - not once, but three times, in my own online businesses!

When I’m not taking care of your Facebook ads, lead pages, sales funnel systems, and website tweaks, I’m either playing princesses and tea parties with my adorable toddler, sipping on an iced coconut milk latte at Starbucks, or getting in a quick sweat sesh at the local yoga studio!