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Ads Services

Are you ready to build your list, increase conversions, and make a massive impact?

You've heard all of the success stories - low cost ads, leads for days, return on investment... but can Facebook Ads really work for you?

The answer is Yes!!

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been running ads for a while, we can help! My team will partner with you to build dynamic campaigns that convert and deliver the right leads to you, using our proven, streamlined methods. We'll help you create compelling copy, design eye-catching images, target your soon-to-be raving fans, setup and monitor your ads, and send you reports to keep you up-to-date on performance and status.

Done For You Ads Services are a perfect fit for you if...

  • You've got an amazing opt-in offer and sales funnel ready to go and are ready to get it in front of the right audience so you can start building your list
  • You're ready to get people on your live or automated webinar so you can convert them into your latest course or program.
  • It's launch time! You have an online program or course you want to fill. Ad strategies for launches work entirely differently from those for lists (we'll use retargeting and warm-market targeting strategies to make sure you're reaching the women who are most excited to join your program!)
  • You're a products based business and you're ready to sell more book, more journals, more tank tops, or ____ {insert your product here}
  • You're ready to invest in your business. In addition to the price of the package below, you'll need at least a $1,000 ads budget. We use proven strategies to serve ads to the BEST audiences for you, and we treat your budget as if it were our own!

You might want to work through The ACADEMY Online course first if...

  • You're still working on refining that opt-in or funnel (we dive into the important elements you MUST have in your landing pages and offers to make them truly ads-ready!)
  • You don't have at least 1,000 fans on your Facebook page (don't worry -- we teach you exactly how to make this happen!)
  • You've never run ads before (we only want you outsourcing your weaknesses, not your blind spots!)
  • You think that even though industry standards are $X, your ads should be performing at 1/10th the cost (we'll do everything we can to get your ads optimized for quality leads, but we won't sacrifice quality for quantity... trust us, you don't want us to!)


"If you're beating your head against the wall and draining your bank account with little return on Facebook ads, STOP the madness and work with Rachel. I don't want to know how much money I wasted prior to working with her, but now I know, every penny I spend counts. But Rachel isn't just smart and efficient. She has a contagious joy for watching others succeed, which is rare. She won't just be excited to get your business; she'll be excited about your mission."

- Michelle Myers, Founder of She Works His Way, Cross Training Couture, and Myers Cross Training

"Working with Rachel has been a dream, she spent time really understanding my needs and setting milestones. Rachel really knows her stuff and makes "tech" seem less scary and more accessible. I now understand Facebook advertising and have got adverts that convert into paying clients. Rachel is positive, energetic and brilliant to work with. She has really helped me move to the next level of my business and I would recommend her to anyone wanting tech support and to upscale what they are doing. Thank you Rachel, I have now started 2017 on a high and it is all down to you."

- Ruth Kudzi, Personal Development Coach



“Working with Rachel's team was like having my own personal launch besties. Not only did they support my ads, they're also so knowledgeable in launch strategy and industry trends. Sarah was so ON IT with my ads and came up with really creative and successful audiences that weren't already being flooded with other people's ads. My campaigns creating hundreds of new leads and were a key driver of my 57K launch! I will 100% be working with Rachel and her team again and HIGHLY suggest you do too!”

Amber-Lee Schneider, Lifestyle + Business Coach



Your Questions Answered!


Your Questions Answered!



Our retainer packages are perfect for the woman with an established business who is ready to SCALE her impact and her income! We work with entrepreneurs, online business owners, online course creators, authors, coaches, service providers, and a very select group of product-based businesses who are ready for next-level marketing support. 


Our 3-month ads packages start at $2,500/month or $6,500 paid-in-full (including budget planning, copy and ad design) PLUS a complimentary Strategy Call with Rachel (that’s a $1,500 value!). 


Yes! We have premium packages available for our highest level clients with multiple campaigns and/or ad spends of more than $10K/month. Schedule a call with our team for all of the details!

With this 3-Month package, you'll receive:

  • A strategy session with Rachel to talk through all of your needs!
  • Our fail-proof targeting guide book to make sure we find the perfect audiences for you (this includes custom audiences and retargeting)!
  • We’ll help create copy and images that convert
  • We’ll add your tracking pixel to your website and thank you pages and make sure everything is FB compliant 
  • We'll help you build the perfect ads schedule and will update and troubleshoot the ads along the way.
  • We'll send weekly updates of your ads status and quick alerts for issues, so we can troubleshoot immediately
  • You'll also receive access to our signature course: The acADemy ($997 value)


Here's exactly how the process works (from beginning to end):

  • You purchase your package and immediately receive access to The acADemy.
  • Within 24 hours, you receive a Welcome Email from our Ads Specialist, including a questionnaire, and a link to schedule your initial strategy 30-minute session with Rachel.
  • During the call, we help determine the best targeting strategy for your ads.
  • We review any materials you already have (ad and landing page) to make sure your copy is compelling and in compliance with FB policies. 
  • We help you select the most captivating copy and images for your ads, and make sure your audiences and pixels are in place.
  • We create your ads in the Ads Manager and schedule them to begin running.
  • We monitor your ads daily, and if we run into any issues, we alert you and make updates to the ads.
  • You receive a weekly report from our team.


Your ads budget is separate from the package. We use proven strategies to serve ads to the BEST audiences for you, and we treat your budget as if it were our own!

"Before my coaching session with Rachel, I felt completely overwhelmed by the technical side of running my business.  That was so frustrating, because I know that so many people need the help that I'm able to provide, but I couldn't figure out how to reach them!  In our very first coaching session, Rachel showed me multiple strategies for increasing my reach through both Facebook and Pinterest.  She also coached me through setting up my very first e-mail funnel!  I've known I've needed this kind of help for so long, but I never knew where to find it.  Connecting with Rachel has been a complete game-changer for me!  Now I've got a clear-cut strategy to attract the right people to my list, and I'm able to find and serve the clients that need me most.  It feels amazing!!! If you're on the fence about hiring someone to help you with your business, I can promise you that you're in great hands with Rachel!" 

- Sara Anna Powers, Success Coach & Copywriter

“I started working with Rachel in December 2016. I was nervous but super excited as I was wanting to take my business to the next level with Facebook Ads. In January, I ran my first live class and Rachel (plus her team) were able to create amazing ads at a cost per conversion of around a dollar or less. I saw incredible results with my first live class and it has me eager to run my next one. Rachel is involved in the whole process and makes sure she does the best for you and your business but also makes sure to bring your vision to life.”

- Jessica Vaughn, Author, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Fitness Coach



“I just wanted to write and thank you for the amazing work you did on my sales funnel and Facebook ads! As you know my main aim was to grow my list and my Facebook group. When I called you guys I had around 100 members which was great but I really wanted to expedite the process! That was less than 8 weeks ago and today my group hit 1,000 members! Having all of you work on different parts works so well and you are all so quick to get back to me with my amateur questions! Lots of people are asking me who did my fb ads too as they keep seeing me pop up in their feed! You've all been fabulous to work with, so smooth and professional and so I wanted to say a big THANK YOU!!”

- Lisa Johnson Freedom Coach at Just Own This


Because I was once where you're at. My business was struggling. I knew I needed Facebook Ads, but I wasn't sure if they could really help.

I started by boosting the occasional post with no return... I was literally throwing away money. I watched other entrepreneurs soar past me with their ads... but I wasn't convinced they could really work for me.


Now, I have clients like you coming to me after having "tried" Facebook Ads. Sometimes they've even purchased a course or hired a so-called "expert" to help them with their ads.

They know something isn't working, but they don't know what.

Maybe that's you... maybe you've spent tons of money on ads that just aren't converting... or maybe you've been too scared to even try. Maybe you've purchased a course that didn't deliver... or hired someone who wasn't actually able to help.

I don't want to see you struggling with ads for months, because RIGHT NOW, you can make a monumental change in your business!


Additional Questions?


"I came to Rachel because I was STRUGGLING with Facebook Ads. I could not master my targeting and knew as soon as we would hop on the phone, Rachel would know exactly what to do. But here's the best part: Rachel didn't just give my tips on fixing my targeting, she FULL ON fixed my marketing strategy and gave me a full action plan to grow my business (in 45 minutes!) Rachel is not only a tech genius, but a authentic, intuitive, sincere business coach. These two super powers make her a FORCE to be reckoned with. YOU NEED RACHEL IN YOUR BUSINESS!"

- Jasmin Niemiec, Business Mentor + Running Coach

"When I first started working on my marketing campaign on Facebook with Rachel, I was clueless. On our first consultation, I knew that Rachel knew her stuff. She helped me tweak a few things with my campaign and opt in and suddenly my advert was doing well! She's engaging, informative and fun and takes the headache out the techy stuff!! On our second consultation, she further helped me extend and expand my campaigns and now I've found the perfect audiences and my list is growing! I will never hesitate to hire Rachel for any of my "tech" stuff as this is a blonde bombshell that knows her stuff and helped me save $100's on mistakes. If you are looking for a techspert then she is your girl!!"

- Noor Hibbert, Business and Life Coach for Mumpreneurs