5 Tips for Overcoming Procrastination


5 Tips for Overcoming Procrastination

Let’s be honest, — we all procrastinate, especially us work-from-home entrepreneurs!

I’m totally guilty of it, too. Sometimes anything sounds better than the big, hairy scary thing I have to get done for work that day (and I mean anything… laundry, meal prep, cleaning the house… you name it!).

Luckily, I’ve developed some great habits that have helped me avoid procrastination, and I wanted to share them with you today!

Here are five simple things you can do right now to overcome procrastination. Here’s to getting more done this week!

1. Address the Problem

Typically when we procrastinate, it’s because we’re avoiding something we’re afraid of. Maybe it’s a project you’re nervous about, or perhaps you think something is going to take longer than you thought. Take a minute to examine why you’re avoiding whatever it is you need to do. Then face that fear head on!

2. Block Your Time

If you find yourself mixing chores and work, block specific working hours. Whether it’s a power hour, 45 minutes on and 15 minutes off, or some other interval, commit to a chunk of time where you’re ONLY focusing on work. Then, give yourself a break to do whatever it is you want!

3. Make a List

I love, love, love working from lists  — especially when I’ve got a TON to do and am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Jot down everything you need to get done, then prioritize it. Knock out the things you’re most likely to procrastinate on FIRST!  

4. Close Those Tabs

The Internet is wonderful, but it’s also full of distractions! Make sure when you’re working online, you’re actually working. Close all of those extra tabs, turn off your notifications, and leave your email alone until break time.

5. Give Yourself a Break

Sometimes, we all need a breather. If you just can’t get yourself into the groove, consider taking a break (or even giving yourself the day off!). Sometimes it’s better to come back fresh and recharged rather than pushing through.

How do you avoid procrastination? Reply back and let me know!



5 Ways to Improve Your Biz Mindset


5 Ways to Improve Your Biz Mindset

I’ve got a confession to make:

On the outside, it may seem like I’m outgoing, super bubbly, and like this whole entrepreneur thing comes easily to me. But the truth?

I’m a total introvert! And if I’m being reeeeally honest with you, I STILL struggle with my business mindset sometimes.

That doubt you feel? Those nervous jitters you get? That “oh-em-gee-what-am-I-doing” panic that comes over you sometimes?  

Yep! I feel it too, sister.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret: there are easy things you can implement to help work on your business mindset!

You don’t have to stay in that place. In fact, you can actively work each and every day on overcoming those doubts, nerves, fears, etc.

Here are five ways I do it!

1. I start each day with gratitude and meditation.

It doesn’t matter where I am, what I have on my plate, or how I’m feeling that morning. I take time to get my mind right and face each day with positivity and peace.

2. I spend time every day on personal development.

I take 30-60 minutes every single day to focus on developing ME! Whether it’s reading, listening to a podcast, going through a course — I make sure to fit it into my schedule.

3. I cut out the negative.

You are what you consume! I make it a point to avoid negativity. I unfollow it, unfriend it, block it, and remove it.

4. I stop the scroll.

Scrolling endlessly and comparing myself to others on Instagram, Facebook, etc. just made me feel gloomy. So I cut it out! I don’t compare myself, my launch, or my business to other people’s. I set an intention with my scrolling to spend time encouraging others, which keeps me focused on THEM instead of me!

5. I follow the 5-second rule.

When I’m feeling panicked, I give myself five seconds — five seconds to feel it, then do it anyways! Whether it’s going live on FB, sending an email, posting something vulnerable, etc., I let myself feel the fear then do it anyways.

So what about you? How will YOU work on your business mindset? Make a commitment this week to do at least one thing each day to build up that confidence, boss lady! You’ve got this.

I believe in you!



I have a Halloween confession…


I have a Halloween confession…

Okay, here’s the deal…

… it’s not that we don’t like Halloween…

… it’s just that for the first four years of her life, my daughter was sick every single Halloween. Every one! So we just kind of… gave up 🤷‍.

Our Halloween tradition includes turning of the front porch lights, curling up in the family room with popcorn, and watching a fun movie! Our daughter puts on a princess dress and we play, play, play. It’s the BEST time!


Why am I sharing our quirky Halloween tradition with you? Because no matter what you’re doing to celebrate (or even if you’re not celebrating at all!) taking time to unplug and spend time with those you love is crucial for your (and their) wellbeing!

On your entrepreneurial journey, you’re going to be busy! There’s going to be a lot of work to be done. So I’m popping in to remind you to TAKE A BREATHER!

Taking time for yourself / your family is so important. Don’t forget to practice self care while you’re growing the business of your dreams — whether it be tomorrow or some other time!

The Techspert®


Working from home? Here’s my secret!


Working from home? Here’s my secret!

Do you ever find yourself wanting it all?

When I left my corporate job, it was because I wanted to have my cake and eat it too. I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and provide additional income for my family — and today, that’s exactly what I do!

But let me tell ya… sometimes balancing the two can be a productivity nightmare! When you’re home, there’s always something else to do — last week’s laundry, finally cleaning out the fridge, getting in a snuggle with your kiddos. It can be easy to let work slip when you’re a work-from-home entrepreneur.

The solution? Be ultra-productive with the time you have!

Here are some of my favorite systems + strategies I’ve used to make the most of my time so I can have my cake and eat it too (and I don’t have to run off to a coffee shop every time I want to knock out serious work).

1. Use a planner / calendar

If you don’t know where your time is going, how can you make the most of it? Use a planner or calendar to set appointments. I’m a huge fan of Google Calendar, and I use Acuity Scheduling to automate my client scheduling process and measure how much time tasks take. It’s magic!

2. Make a to-do list

Every Saturday I brain dump everything I need to do for the week, then organize it into to-dos. Once Monday comes around, I know exactly what I need to knock out and when. Get organized and put those thoughts down on paper!

3. Wake up early

This tip is in almost every book about success. I find this especially helpful has a mother of a toddler! Waking up before the rest of the family gives me uninterrrupted time to focus on the things that are important to business growth. What about you? What will waking up earlier do for you? Create more time in your day? Give you uninterrupted time to work on your business?

4. Have business hours

It’s way too easy to multitask when you work from home, but doing so means that you’re always working, too! Think about it — if you’re doing laundry, cooking, taking personal calls, etc. when you’re supposed to be working, chances are you’re answering emails, posting on social media, etc. when you’re supposed to be relaxing. Stick to business hours to keep work and personal time separate!

5. Eliminate distractions

Turn off your iPhone notifications, put your phone on Do Not Disturb, keep your email tab closed — these are all just a few ways to tune out the constant distractions that pop up when you work online. Be disciplined and focused… I promise it will pay off!

What are a few of YOUR favorite time management tips? Share them on your Instagram Story and tag me @rachelrmcmichael so I can see!

Here’s to getting more done!



Pay attention to these 3 FB Ad metrics


Pay attention to these 3 FB Ad metrics

In the world of FB Ads, data doesn’t lie. But with allll of the data FB gives you to measure your ad campaign, how do you know what to look at?

Today, I’m breaking down the top 3 ad metrics you should be looking at to measure your campaign’s success!

Now, this is by no means a complete guide to measuring + optimizing your FB ads (you can find that in The acADemy, which you can join the waitlist for right here!). However, these are the main metrics I check in on daily to see how my ads are performing and figure out where I need to make changes.

Ready? Let’s do this!

1. Click Through Rate

Click Through Rate (or CTR) shows you the percentage of people who are actually clicking on your ad. If your tribe is seeing your ad but isn’t actually clicking on it, this is a huge indication that something isn’t working (most likely the ad isn’t resonating with your people).

2. Cost Per Conversion

When I talk to business owners about ad spend, they’re typically focused on how much they’re spending on an entire campaign. But what they SHOULD be looking at is how much it costs to get each person to take action! This is known as your cost per conversion. Remember a “conversion” is the overall goal of the ad (i.e. webinar sign ups, opt-in downloads, etc.). You can set it up using the Facebook pixel, which I cover here!

3. Landing Page Opt-In Rate

Sometimes we get so focused on our ads that we forget our landing page plays an important a role, too! If your list isn’t growing at the rate you want, how do you know if it’s the ad or the landing page? By checking your landing page opt-in rate and ad CTR! If your ads are getting clicks but your landing page isn’t converting, you know where the problem lies + what to fix!

Facebook® has made it possible for anyone to advertise without going through an ad sales team or an agency — which is great! But it also means that a lot you need to learn what to look for. These three metrics are a great starting point — and if you want even MORE support, you can join the waitlist for The acADemy!