There are literally hundreds if not thousands of apps that are each designed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners track, delegate, organize, and stay focused in their business. So how do you navigate them all? How do you know which ones to use for your business? I used many different apps this year to scale and grow my own business, but these are (in my opinion) the 10 best apps for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and – let's be honest – everyone!!!. If you're trying to scale and grow your online business, you'll want to make sure and check these out.

(P.S. I wanted to list these in order of importance, but they are all so important that I've decided to list them alphabetically instead!)

Note: This post contains affiliate links (*). For more information, see my disclosures here.

  1. Acuity Scheduling* – This is my preferred method of scheduling my mentorship client consults, in-person training sessions, team calls, and life! Clients can go in and schedule their appointments, and Acuity syncs with my Google Calendar. Acuity sends me a daily report of upcoming calls, and it allows me to generate a monthly report of where my time was spent.
  2. CoSchedule* – Social media drives a significant portion of my blog traffic. I also manage multiple groups, mentorship forums, and bootcamps via Facebook. With CoSchedule, I can coordinate my Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and LinkedIn posts all from one platform.
  3. Evernote* – This system has literally changed the way I do business. I use it to track prospects, clients, and former clients. It houses all of my systems, to-do lists, grocery lists, and key information. I use it to take notes, jot down ideas, my content calendar, and just about everything.
  4. FaceTime, Google Hangouts, and Zoom Conference – I'm not a big fan of conference calls. Google Hangouts and Zoom Conference make it easy to have conversations with my entire team, even from across the country. And FaceTime is available on the iPhone or Mac. These are my three preferred tools for client consults.
  5. Google Calendar – I can carry it everywhere, it syncs with Acuity Scheduling and with my iPhone, and I can color-code it! Win, win, win!
  6. Google Documents – Google Documents allow me to share important information with my team. I use this primarily to share documents with my mentorship clients and my personal training clients, as well as with my assistant.
  7. Google KeyWords – The is the best tool I've found for SEO research!
  8. iMovie – This is by far the best tool for editing movies. It's a free app with the iPhone and comes standard on Mac.
  9. Mail Chimp – The thing I love about Mail Chimp is that it is perfect for a new business owner or small business who is just starting to grow their email list. It's completely free until you reach 2,000 subscribers, at which point it's definitely worth looking into various options to meet your business needs.
  10. Typic – This is my favorite all-in-one picture editor. It includes filters, borders, text, images, logos, and more.

The right tools can truly make a significant difference in the productivity and scalability of your business. And that's why I've decided to launch a 30 Day Business Building Blocks Training where we will walk through each of these apps and more! I'll show you exactly how I used each to grow and scale my business, and show you how to do the same for yours!

I would love to hear from you! What are some of your favorite business apps? What would you say are the 10 best apps for business?