When it comes to building an online presence, want to know one of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs make?
They ignore their Facebook business page!

If someone is checking you out online, they’re most likely looking you up on Facebook. And when they see that your last FB biz page post was from three months ago (or even three years ago), what sort of vibe do you think they get? (hint: it doesn’t look good!)

Let’s fix that, shall we!

I’ve got three very simple ways to keep your FB biz page looking fresh. Try them out this week and let me know how it goes!

1. Think about engagement.

Posting only to hear crickets in response is no fun. When you’re thinking about what to post on your FB biz page, think about what your audience is most likely to engage with! Remember that these posts don’t have to be long — a simple post with a question can work wonders!

2. Repurpose content.

Work smarter, not harder! Are you already publishing content elsewhere (on a blog, Instagram, emails, etc.)? Reuse this content on your Facebook page! You can also curate 3rd party content to fill in any gaps you may have (think online publication articles, other blogs you love, etc.).

3. Mix it up!

Testing is one of my FAVORITE ways to spice up my FB page. Try using different types of content to see what works best. Mix in short posts, long posts, posts with images, text-only posts, and videos. Then use analytics to see what’s working best and do more of those!

Have other ways you like to keep your Facebook page looking great? Reply back and let me know!