In the world of FB Ads, data doesn’t lie. But with allll of the data FB gives you to measure your ad campaign, how do you know what to look at?

Today, I’m breaking down the top 3 ad metrics you should be looking at to measure your campaign’s success!

Now, this is by no means a complete guide to measuring + optimizing your FB ads (you can find that in The acADemy, which you can join the waitlist for right here!). However, these are the main metrics I check in on daily to see how my ads are performing and figure out where I need to make changes.

Ready? Let’s do this!

1. Click Through Rate

Click Through Rate (or CTR) shows you the percentage of people who are actually clicking on your ad. If your tribe is seeing your ad but isn’t actually clicking on it, this is a huge indication that something isn’t working (most likely the ad isn’t resonating with your people).

2. Cost Per Conversion

When I talk to business owners about ad spend, they’re typically focused on how much they’re spending on an entire campaign. But what they SHOULD be looking at is how much it costs to get each person to take action! This is known as your cost per conversion. Remember a “conversion” is the overall goal of the ad (i.e. webinar sign ups, opt-in downloads, etc.). You can set it up using the Facebook pixel, which I cover here!

3. Landing Page Opt-In Rate

Sometimes we get so focused on our ads that we forget our landing page plays an important a role, too! If your list isn’t growing at the rate you want, how do you know if it’s the ad or the landing page? By checking your landing page opt-in rate and ad CTR! If your ads are getting clicks but your landing page isn’t converting, you know where the problem lies + what to fix!

Facebook® has made it possible for anyone to advertise without going through an ad sales team or an agency — which is great! But it also means that a lot you need to learn what to look for. These three metrics are a great starting point — and if you want even MORE support, you can join the waitlist for The acADemy!