As you know, a HUGE part of my job is teaching people how to use Facebook Ads to their advantage. Running Ads on Facebook is not as simple as making a post, offering something for free, and hoping that clients will start knocking on your door — it takes knowing the right strategies to use to get a massive return on your investment!

Now because there can be a learning curve with FB ads, I see a lot of coaches and course creators default to outsourcing their ads completely. They dive into hiring an ad strategist, spend a ton of money, and sometimes… it doesn’t work out.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m all for outsourcing things that are outside your zone of genius. But there are some considerations to take into account before you hire an ads strategist.

So how do you know when the time is right? Here are three questions you should ask yourself before hiring a FB ads strategist for your business:

1. Is your business making money?

It may sound obvious, but I talk to so many entrepreneurs who are eager to “get their name out there” and just start throwing money around with little to no return. Running FB ads is definitely a great way to generate business, but you need to have the right strategy in place.

If you are already selling a digital course or service, how much profit does it sell for? How much do you think you is reasonable to spend to sell 10, 50, or 500 units of your product?

You need to have a goal in mind so that you know if you’re meeting your target. Let’s be real — I you’re not going to spend $2,000 on ads to sell 10 items that only cost $7 each. It just wouldn’t make sense, would it?

2. What is your advertising budget?

For a decent, professional ads strategist, you could easily be looking at spending $1000+ per campaign (you get what you pay for!). So if you have a smaller ad budget, then it may be more beneficial for you to take an ads course and start by managing your own campaign! Once you start seeing a return on investment, you can increase your spending gradually and then start outsourcing.

3. Are ads your weakness or your blind spot?

Again — I’m all about outsourcing your “weaknesses”. But there’s a difference between a weakness and a blindspot. A blind spot is something you know nothing about. And to outsource a blind spot requires the utmost trust and confidence in the individual you select.

I truly believe course creators and coaches need to learn enough about FB ads to be able to clearly understand what’s working and what’s not working before they start outsourcing their ads. This puts YOU in control. You don’t need to know everything, but you do need to know enough to know whether your ads strategist is managing your campaigns effectively for your goals!

And here’s the good news — if you’re not quite ready to outsource your ads yet, but need some help mastering the strategies yourself, I’ve got a free training with your name on it! Click here to learn more.