I was always taught that in order to be successful, I just had to out-work everyone else. But as I got wiser in business, I learned that’s just not the case.

We can all think of someone we know right now who works all the time and isn’t getting any further ahead. In fact, they’re suffering: their health is suffering, their relationships are suffering, and they’re sacrificing everything on the altar of perceived success (this used to be me, so I get it!).

We also can all think of someone who is hugely successful who takes the weekends off, who travels, who has great relationships and balance.


Because the truth is, hustling harder won’t get results.

So what will?

Plugging into a proven, strategic plan!

Now before your roll your eyes and think “goodness gracious, I’ve already downloaded 5,486 free offers and watched 387 YouTube videos, Rachel — I’m trying to plug into a proven system but it’s just not working” — I want to walk you through the exact questions I ask myself when I’m trying to decide the next steps in my own business.

(1) Identify the true area of struggle, the area that needs growth.

I see so many people who take a Pinterest course before they even have a blog. Is traffic really the issue with their offer? Or is it their sales page or something else? In order to know what to solve, you first have to understand the issue. (Hint: the DATA will always help you determine the issue.)

(2) Find a program, course, group coaching offer, mastermind, or private coach who offers the exact solution to your problem.

What is your problem? It is what you identified in question #1. For example, if you know your issue is messaging, find the best person to help with messaging — someone who knows it, teaches it, and whose students get results.

(3) Make sure the teacher has the same core values you have.

I learned this one the hard way. Because the truth is, if you know you only want to work a few hours a day, but your teacher is constantly preaching the value of the hustle, you will probably have an alignment issue. They will teach you how to hustle harder, but you've identified that your core value is family and working less.

Friend, you DON’T have to hustle harder to get the results you want for your business! But you do have to have a plan. Plug into a proven system, and find the balance you desire for your life.

I’d love to hear from you — what’s been the biggest issue for you when it comes to growing and scaling your business?