Does all the social media out there feel totally overwhelming? Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Periscope, LinkedIn – the list goes on and on! Social media is here to stay, and new platforms are being added every year. As a business owner who is obsessed with serving my clients wherever they are most comfortable, I want to make sure that I’m putting out valuable content across all of the major social media channels. And, let’s be clear, that can sometimes feel like an ENORMOUS task. 

Remember when Periscope was getting big, in the summer of 2016? Influencers like Zach Spuckler, Calvin Waymans, and Kim Garst were making a name for themselves through the live video streaming app, and entrepreneurs by the thousands rushed over to make their presence known! 

One well-known coach even encouraged her clients to Periscope for an hour a day (yikes!!!) to build up a following. The strategy worked, but her clients were giving up a lot of their valuable time to earn “hearts” and build credibility. 

Then Facebook developed Facebook Live, and Periscope became nearly obsolete to all but the biggest players. All those people who had spent an hour a day bolstering their Periscope profiles now had yet ANOTHER live streaming platform to produce content for. Now there’s SnapChat and InstaStories, too! You could seriously make a full-time career just from posting on social media each day (and some people do)! 

I know if you’re reading this, you’re passionate about building a life outside of your work. Yes, you love your work, but you also want to maximize your impact so that you have time for the things which matter most to you: family, friends, travel, laughter and FUN! There’s a way to be strategic with your social and I’m going to break it down for you. 

1. Post where your ideal client spends time online. Are you targeting millennials? Head on over to Snapchat or Instagram! Stay-at-home moms? Pinterest should be at the top of your list! Corporate women? Get on LinkedIn yesterday! The bottom line is that you need to be where your ideal client needs you. Make it easy for her to find you! 

2. Everyone who owns a business needs a presence on Facebook. Yes, organic engagement is down. It doesn’t matter. Your Facebook business page is your calling card. Your likes and interaction there help to prove that you’re running a legitimate business and you’re not stuck in hobby-status. That’s why I encourage my clients to build a beautiful Facebook business page and get their likes up to at least 1000 ASAP! You can run a simple and inexpensive like ad to accomplish this. 

3. No matter where you’re posting, ALWAYS aim to build your e-mail list. Social media platforms come and go, and whether a particular platform thrives or dies is beyond your control. Your e-mail list allows you to speak directly to your ideal client. You should use your social media strategically to shift traffic and followers over to your list. Then, when you have a course to sell, a product to promote, or a service to offer, you’ve got a way to communicate with your favorite people at your fingertips! 

Start implementing these three tips today, and you’ll be a social star in no time!