Now, if you know me at all, you know I LOVE Facebook Ads. They are hands down the fastest way to grow your business and connect with your ideal clients.

But did you know that you can run Instagram Ads using the Facebook Ads editor? (Crazy, right?!).

Since Facebook owns Instagram, all advertising for the ‘gram runs through FB. And let me tell you — Instagram and Instastory ads are on FIRE right now, my friend!

We’ve been seeing these ads convert like crazy for our clients. Plus, they’re super fun to do.

Here are four reasons you should be running Instagram ads right now to grow your business:

1. Short video ads are easy for warming up audiences

Instagram allows either a 60-second video for their feed or a 15 second clip for Instagram stories, and these ads are so powerful! Why? Because people can see you AND hear you… which warms them up to you so much faster. It’s like they already know you. Consider it instant friendship. And because these video ads are short, they’re incredibly easy to make and get up and running!

2. Instagram Ads are relatively new (AKA less competition)

Ok so truth be told, Instagram ads have been around for a while, but the truth is, not many people are doing Instagram ads well… which means your barrier entry is much smaller. It’s easier to break in and stand out, as long as you create a solid ad. Remember that Instagram is about the visual — which means bold, beautiful images work really well here!

3. The metrics are off the charts!

Everyone is all about Insta. And not only are they all about it… they’re all about using it to to learn about products and services. The percentage of people who say they take action on a product because they saw it on Instagram is insane (According to a Business Insider study in 2017, 72% of users bought a product they saw on Instagram!).

4. Instagram is less noisy and distracting than Facebook.

There are fewer popups, notifications, and distractions that get in the way of people consuming content on Instagram, which makes it easier for your ads to stand out here. Think about your own Instagram behavior — are you more focused there than on FB? I thought so ;).

Have you tried Instagram ads yet? What did you think? Reply back and let me know!


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