Whose ready to curl up with a BIG cup of coffee and a goal planning worksheet and plan out?! Seriously – maybe I'm a nut, but I have SO much fun setting goals and planning. As I sit and type this I can hardly believe that it’s December! I heard some staggering statistics the other day – only about 20% of people actually set goals. And of those who DO set goals, only about 30% accomplish them. Well not us – not this time! Today, I'm sharing my secret recipe for goal setting success!


The number 1 mistake that I see my clients make when setting goals is this: they set way too many. Raise your hand {don’t worry – I can’t actually see you!} if you’ve been guilty of saying “It’s a New Year… I’m going to set goals in every single area of my life: finances, kids, social media, business, workout, health, fitness, number of vegetables I’m going to eat, etc… I’m going to have a date night every week with my husband. I’m going to go to bed early every single day. I’m going to save enough to buy a new house this year – with cash, and a dream home. And while I'm at it, I'll work out 7 days a week and cook a gourmet meal every single night. It’s all going to be super planned, and I’m going to be perfect this year.

Come on, don't be shy! Is your hand raised? I know mine is! I remember one year I think I had 36 goals written down. 36!! Y’all, we don’t have enough time to prioritize that many goals. So here is what we’re going to do this year ladies: We’re not going to set 36 goals.


I love talking about goals because written goals work. Almost without fail. This is something that has been studied over and over and over again. And if you will get out a spiral notebook and a pen and you will start writing out your goals {and I mean actually hand-write them out}, there’s something that happens between your brain and your hand when you do that… It's like flipping the “this is what I need to go for” switch on. And when you see them written every single day, day after day, there’s something in your brain that says… “I need to accomplish that.”

Let’s get out a pen and paper and do this together! Seriously. Click below, print out this printable, and let’s get started.

Step 1 – Define Your Priorities

The very first step is to identify what’s important to you, but there’s a catch. You can’t choose more than five priorities. Yep – five! It’s not that these other things in our lives aren’t important, not that we don’t value them but not everything can be a priority. When I was planning out this year, I wrote down a list of could-be priorities {included within the printable}, and then really prayed hard through which ones made the most sense for me.

For me this year, my priorities really revolve around my faith, my family, my business, and my health/fitness. In fact, the very first priority that I set for myself this year is my faith in Jesus Christ. Yes, there are a lot of other things that I would love to get done this year that are beyond the scope of these priorities, but they are wishes, not priorities. So they are not the things that I’m going to focus on this year, they are not the things I’m going to run after. They may even be important but they are not the most important.

Step 2 – Define A Goal For Each Priority

The second step is to pick just one goal for each priority. I have to admit, this was tough. I really wanted to have 3 or 4 goals for each priority. But truly, if we're going to do this right, then we have to pick just one. Again, it’s not that the other goals we might have aren’t important, it's not that we don’t value these other things, but not everything can be a priority goal.

So if one of my priorities is my faith in Jesus Christ, my goal might be to have a quiet time every day where I read scripture or a devotional. Or if my priority is my husband, my goal might be to have a date night {just the two of us} once a week.

Step 3 – Set 3-5 Action Items for Each Goal

Now this is where the real magic happens! So if my priority is my faith in Jesus Christ and my goal is to have a daily quiet time, then a few action items might be: (1) to decide which Bible study group I want to join this year, (2) to find a good Bible Reading plan, and (3) to invest in a new journal. Step 3 might be the most important, because once it's complete, we no longer have priorities and goals, but we have an action plan – steps that we can take to actually start to achieve our goals. It’s like our own mini-blueprint for success.

Get your mini-blueprint for #success with these #goalsetting tips {and printables}

Step 4 – Review Your Goals Daily

I want you to print out your priorities and your goals, and even maybe one or two key action items, and hang them somewhere where you’re going to see them every single day. {You can find an example HERE}. I’m actually going to frame 2 copies of mine. One will sit in the corner of my desk. It will be a consistent reminder to myself: “Hey, this is what you are working towards. You’re working towards giving the Lord the glory in everything you do, providing valuable content for your community for your business, and toward a balanced life where you’re spending uninterrupted time every single day with your family.”

I’m putting a second copy in my bathroom in front of the mirror {because let’s just be real, I spend a little more time than I probably should getting ready every morning}.  Now that I Periscope every day, I have to wear make-up every day {#thestruggleisreal}. And while I’m getting ready you can bet I'll be looking at my goals. {Side note: This is also where I’m going to post my weakly memory verse. Now, memorizing a verse every week, that is not listed in my top 5 priorities but it is something that I want to try to do. It is something I’m going to strive to do. But if I have to pick one, for me that one will be spending time with Jesus every day. And I plan on doing a lot of other things that I believe will come out of the overflow of spending time with Him.}

I will remind myself to keep pushing forward every single day, no matter what #goalsetting #printable

Step 5 – Don’t Quit

Write yourself a message at the very bottom of your printable that reminds you not to quit when it gets hard, because the fact of the matter is: it’s going to get hard. It’s not going to be easy every single day. So when it gets hard {because it will}, you'll want to see this reminder.

At the very bottom of my picture I wrote, this: “Don’t quit! When I miss the mark, when I experience setbacks {because I will}, I will remind myself to keep pushing forward every single day, no matter what.”

So what are your top tips for goal setting? I would love to hear from you!!

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