I’ve got a confession to make:

On the outside, it may seem like I’m outgoing, super bubbly, and like this whole entrepreneur thing comes easily to me. But the truth?

I’m a total introvert! And if I’m being reeeeally honest with you, I STILL struggle with my business mindset sometimes.

That doubt you feel? Those nervous jitters you get? That “oh-em-gee-what-am-I-doing” panic that comes over you sometimes?

Yep! I feel it too, sister.

But I’ll let you in on a little secret: there are easy things you can implement to help work on your business mindset!

You don’t have to stay in that place. In fact, you can actively work each and every day on overcoming those doubts, nerves, fears, etc.

Here are five ways I do it!

1. I start each day with gratitude and meditation.

It doesn’t matter where I am, what I have on my plate, or how I’m feeling that morning. I take time to get my mind right and face each day with positivity and peace.

2. I spend time every day on personal development.

I take 30-60 minutes every single day to focus on developing ME! Whether it’s reading, listening to a podcast, going through a course — I make sure to fit it into my schedule.

3. I cut out the negative.

You are what you consume! I make it a point to avoid negativity. I unfollow it, unfriend it, block it, and remove it.

4. I stop the scroll.

Scrolling endlessly and comparing myself to others on Instagram, Facebook, etc. just made me feel gloomy. So I cut it out! I don’t compare myself, my launch, or my business to other people’s. I set an intention with my scrolling to spend time encouraging others, which keeps me focused on THEM instead of me!

5. I follow the 5-second rule.

When I’m feeling panicked, I give myself five seconds — five seconds to feel it, then do it anyways! Whether it’s going live on FB, sending an email, posting something vulnerable, etc., I let myself feel the fear then do it anyways.

So what about you? How will YOU work on your business mindset? Make a commitment this week to do at least one thing each day to build up that confidence, boss lady! You’ve got this.

I believe in you!