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With the holidays right around the corner, it got me thinking; “Am I ready for the holidays?” 

After doing a quick stock-take of my campaigns and programs, I can comfortably say “Yes, I am ready” and now I can relax, without stress. 

Can you say the same? Have you done your homework and planned ahead? If you haven’t that’s ok, there is still time. 

Holidays are a great time to capitalize on increased consumer spending and get a bump in sales. To make sure your business is making the most out the holidays here’s a few holiday ad campaign recommendations.

Start planning early

The key to a successful campaign is to start planning early. You don’t want your advertising to look rushed and last minute, so start planning now (i.e. months before) to make sure you’re ready. 

This means you’ll have all your dates planned in advance and what offers or ads are going to be released on those dates, and through which channels. This allows you to do things such as give early access to a limited time offer to return customers. 

I have a year planner on my desk with key dates and holidays all mapped out for the year ahead. This way I know what needs to be done well in advance and I can look back on what worked well last year. 

If you’re not prepared for the coming holidays, make sure you’re planning ahead for the next holiday and the one after that.

Target your existing customer base

Every company is going all-out with advertising during holiday events. You need to be smart with how you use your advertising dollars to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck. 

Instead of broad hit and miss campaigns to get new customers, the best way to do this is to target people who you already know are interested. Customers who have purchased from you before, or a have at least given you their contact information. 

This is the perfect time to run a win back campaign. Remind your customers why they’ve transacted with you in the past, and offer them some kind of bonus for coming back.

Capitalize on the holiday spirit

Holidays are about family and giving, goodwill and gratitude. Reflect these emotions in your advertising imagery and wording. 

Show your audience how purchasing your product or service is of benefit – and how buying your products as gifts for others with make them feel. Let them know how your product or service can make their life better. You’re not just selling ‘gifts’, you’re selling the joy of ‘giving’.

Offer relief from the stress

The flip side of the warm fuzzy feelings at holiday time is the frustration. The crowds, the last-minute rush and the pressure of gift giving. 

Offer a way around this to your customers. Emphasize that buying online allows you to avoid the crowds. That utilizing your fast shipping means that they still have time; add suggestions at checkout to trigger reminders. “Have you remembered Aunt Beth?” Perhaps she’d like one of these. Add it to your cart now! 

Update your website to reflect the holiday

You don't have to go all out and redesign your entire site. Just add a festive flavor to your current imagery. 

Like hearts on Valentine's Day, Christmas trees at Christmas, bright orange pumpkins at Halloween. Small touches like these can give that feeling of seasonal cheer. 

Use matching images across your social media profiles as well to keep it consistent across all channels. Also don’t forget to make your copy relevant! 

Make sure to use the relevant words ‘Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, holiday, gift giving, etc’ to optimize your site for SEO and rank higher in Google’s search engine. {If copy isn’t your strong point you might consider outsourcing.}

Make use of sponsored posts and social media

Holiday time is a great opportunity to use sponsored posts and social media. {When isn’t a good time?!}

You can launch a holiday-themed, sponsored posts to promote your products. They might be the same products you had before, but now it’s a Christmas special or New Year’s offer. 

Most Social media platforms have some useful features such as hashtags. Search social media sites for popular seasonally themed hashtags and start using these to your own benefit. 

Holidays are an important time for companies who depend on sales to survive. Customers are ready to purchase and you need to make sure that they are buying with you. Capitalize on this with a smart and targeted holiday advertising campaign.

Most of all, be prepared. Then you can sit back and relax, (or at least have time to do your own last minute holiday shopping)

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