At-Home Workout Program Five Easy Toning Exercises You Can Do Anywhere When I'm in busy-mode, I don't always have time for a full workout. That's when I make sure to do these 5 moves! Perfect for the busy mom or working wife!

I'm a busy mom... between my online clients, my ministry at church, and my family, I don't have a lot of extra time. So trust me when I say, I get it! With a busy lifestyle, making time for exercise is a challenge... even an at-home workout can sometimes be tough to fit in. But it's all about perspective. These things that are so important to me aren't my excuse to not exercise... instead, they are my reason TO exercise!

Yes, working out to a great DVD program is my preferred at-home workout program, but when that's not an option, here are five easy toning exercises that can be done whenever and wherever you have time.

The Bridge Butt Lift

This move focuses on your glutes. When I first found out what it was called, I thought "that sounds like a plastic surgery technique" and it is... without the knife, of course! This is a great guilt-free way to tone and tighten! So how is it done? Lay down with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, legs shoulder width apart.  Place your hands, palm side down, on either side of your body.  Pushing with your feet, squeeze your glutes and lift your bottom off the floor. Hold and release down to the floor. {Make sure to keep your abs tight!}


Squats work the glutes, the hamstrings and the quads.  For the best form, assume your public potty stance {ladies, you know what I'm talking about}. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and feet firmly planted {weight in your heels}. Push your butt back as if you were preparing to sit on the potty.  Keep your abs tight and your upper body straight {chest up!}.  Once you reach "potty level", stop and hold.

Reverse Lunges

Lunges work our quads. Stand with feet together and arms at your sides. Take one leg and move it backwards until you are in lunge position: front leg bent at a 90 degree angle and back leg extended until you are on the ball of your foot.  Keep the weight on your front leg in your heels, and make sure your knee stays behind {or parallel to} your ankle. From this position lower yourself down until the back knee almost touches the floor.


Ah, the exercise I personally used to struggle with the most! Pushups give you such a big bang for your buck from a fitness perspective. They are the classic toning exercise that works all areas of the arms plus the chest and abdominal muscles.  If you aren’t comfortable or strong enough to perform a pushup on your toes, lower your body to your knees.  Be sure your arms are tucked into the body and your back straight as you lower and lift.


When I was in high school, I remember reading that Britney Spears did 1,000 crunches a day. Personally, that's WAY too many for this girl, but a few sets of well-formed crunches can go a long way! Lying on the floor in sit up position, place your hands behind your head. Squeezing your abdominal muscles, lift your upper body until your lower back is about to come off the floor. Make sure to keep your head aligned correctly {stare at the ceiling, not your knees, and press your tongue to the roof of your mouth}.

So there you have it! These five moves can be done whenever and wherever - no equipment required!!

@@My priorities aren't my excuse to not exercise... instead, they are my reason TO exercise #fitfluential #sweatpink@@

So tell me - what are some of your favorite at-home workout moves? What do you do when you're running short on time?