As you know, we welcomed baby boy into the world last month! We are so in love with him and have been enjoying our time together as a family!

Due to a breathing issue, baby boy spent his first few weeks in the NICU. The good news is, after lots of tests, lots of prayer, and lots of time with the amazing nurses and staff, we’re HOME!!

Because of everything that’s been going on, I’ve been taking time away from work this month, and let me tell you… it has been SO crucial. Not only have I been able to recover, be here for baby boy, and spend this time with my family… but I’ve been able to do all of that without having to worrying about “going back to work” online or if I could afford to take this time away.

Because here’s the truth, my friend: I would have never been able to take this time away without freaking out if I hadn’t learned how to create a business that didn’t take away from what’s important to me.

I see so many entrepreneurs living the hustle lifestyle. In fact, I WAS one! When I decided to start my own business, I was pregnant with my daughter and already clocking 40+ hours a week at my corporate job.

Needless to say, I was a bit frazzled.

It took a lot of learning, adjusting, and tweaking to create my business in a way that doesn’t cut into family time, allows me to have the flexibility I desire, and still lets me create a massive impact.

But today, I have that business. I have a FB ads system that fills my pipeline while I’m away, which means my business-building machine is running on autopilot! I have a business that allows me to be in the NICU, and be calm and oh-so-present with my little man.

I don’t say this to brag… I say it to show you what’s possible. As you’re scaling your business this year, keep in mind that there’s more to it than the hustle and grind. In fact, you don’t need to hustle and grind! With the right systems and processes in place, you can create a business that impacts thousands without sacrificing the life you want to live.

I believe in you!