It's THANKSGIVING and I just wanted to pause for a moment and tell you that I am thankful for YOU!!!

I heard a great quote yesterday that I can't take credit for but just had to share:

“Be stubbornly glad”

I'm grateful for a day that we set aside simply to be glad – to be thankful and grateful for all the things. Y'all, I get it! It's easy to look around and be depressed… the economy, the weather, and all the disfunction around us can make it hard to feel blessed. But we have a choice – and we can always choose the silver lining.

And on this Thanksgiving 2017, where we're celebrating all that we are thankful for this year, I choose to be stubbornly glad!

I'm so glad {and thankful and grateful} for…

My Husband — who has supported me for the past five years – in life, in love, and on this crazy entrepreneurship adventure!

My Daughter — who keeps me humble, is a mirror into all of the good and all of not-so-good, and who has taught me more about patience and energy than I ever knew was possible!

Team Rachel — they are the glue that holds this agency and business together! I couldn't do it without my incredible team, and I'm grateful to be able to thank them by giving them the rest of the week off to spend with their families!

My Biz Besties — you ladies are always there for me — my shoulders to cry on, my sisters who bring a smile to my face every time we speak in person — my friends who totally get me… and who will make each other laugh until we can't hardly breathe!

YOU — yes, you, . I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you and your support. I do this for you… because at this agency and in this company, our mission is to help women like you get your message to the world. I only win when I'm helping you gain more influence, impact, and income. And I'm grateful for you and for the opportunity that I have to serve you and to help you spread your unique message to the world.

THANK YOU, and Happy Thanksgiving!!!