You know I love entrepreneurship (obviously!). But here’s the thing — there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that people don’t really talk about.

Like how in the world do you balance work and family (or grow a baby and grow a business!)?

Or how do you take the idea in your head and make it an actual reality?

These questions are exactly why I created the Business with Impact podcast, which launched in October! It’s my mission to pull back the curtain on entrepreneurship and to bring you the most relevant information you need in life and in business (because let’s be real — they’re not separate!).

And I’ve been having a BLAST doing it! So much so that I wanted to send you a few of my favorite episodes in case you haven’t heard them already :).

Here’s a peek at what’s been going down on the podcast:

Episode 1: Pursuing a Purpose-Filled Business with Michelle Meyers

For our inaugural episode, I chatted with Michelle Meyers, founder of she works His way, on how she prioritizes making an impact in her field. Come hear how Michelle took what was just a simple social media account for community and inspiration and turned it into a huge platform for women entrepreneurs to build their faith and their businesses.

Episode 4: Mastering Your Mindset with James Wedmore

I interviewed my mentor, coach, and good friend James Wedmore about the growth of his business and the impact he is making on digital entrepreneurs and CEOs everywhere. Learn how an entrepreneur's mindset is “make or break” for them in their businesses and how changing your mindset is key to reaching your goals.

Episode 8: The Basics of Protecting Your Business with Christy Westerfeld

As an attorney and legal resource for online entrepreneurs, Christy Westerfeld is SO passionate about teaching other female business owners all about the “legal stuff” in entrepreneurship. She’s showing how it doesn't have to be complicated, scary, or expensive, and how it is a HUGELY important piece to running a successful business.

Is there something you’d like me to cover on the podcast? Let me know by replying back to this email!