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Spring into Fitness with These Must-Haves!


Spring into Fitness with These Must-Haves!

There is just something about Spring. The sun seems to shine a little brighter, the leaves are budding, everything seems crisper, and the days seem to last a little longer {ok, so maybe that's just because of daylight savings, but work with me here!}

And Spring means we finally get to bring our workouts outdoors. Which of course means - NEW CLOTHES!! {Can I get an Amen?!}

Now if you know me at all, you know I'm not a fashionista. I'm not very trendy. And when I want to go shopping, I literally find the mannequin who I think looks the best and then just buy what she's wearing. It's how I decorate my house, too. {Sorry Martha Stewart, but it's true!} {Continue Reading...}



What's a Blog Hop?!


What's a blog hop? I was asking the same question just a few months ago, when I first heard about Kristy @ Runaway Bridal Planner's upcoming blog hop! Well it turns out, blog hops are a super-fun way to meet other like-minded bloggers. While I've never hosted one myself, I have participated in Kristy's last two hops/loops, and I have to tell you, a blog hop is a ton of fun! A blog hop is kind of like a two-week party where you get to meet each and every one of the participants. Each day, we hop over to a few more blogs, make some new friends, and get to learn about one another. I made so many wonderful friends during the last hop, and I'm so excited to see some new faces this time around!

So for those of you who are visiting my site today from the blog hop, welcome! Back in October, I made some major changes to this website. I really wanted a website that encompassed everything that I'm passionate about. For the most part, I blog all things business, organization, goal setting, fitness, and healthy eating. Yes, my blog has a lot of moving parts, but so does my life :)

So who is Rachel McMichael? What am I all about? Well, I'm...

  • a business coach {who helps female entrepreneurs get on the right track},
  • a unique personal trainer {as in, the kind who doesn't actually LOVE working out, but does it because I know it's important},
  • a toddler mom {to my beautiful little princess},
  • a pastor's wife {married to the man of my dreams},
  • a CPA {accounting is where it all began!},
  • a CPT {that's the fancy acronym for certified personal trainer},
  • co-founder of Pinterest Academy {because every blogger and business owner should totally be on Pinterest},
  • the queen of organization {I love a good printable}
  • obsessed with all-things goal setting,

and in my free time.... well, who am I kidding.... ha!

Seriously though - I find so much joy in blogging and in the blogging community, and I'm SO excited to get to know each and every new face this month!!!

@@A blog hop is like a big party - come join ours today! #bloghop@@

Have you participated in a blog hop before? If we haven't met, I'd love to hear about you! And if we have - tell me what you've been up to these past few months!

Excited to make some new friends today!

XOXO, Rachel