Spring is HERE in the south, ladies, and it is beautiful!

Last week I did something that wouldn’t have been possible just one year ago.

I disconnected from my biz and took Spring Break off.

If you’re like me {more than a little Type A}, you know this is no small thing!

I popped over to Texas with my sweet girl for a fun mother-daughter trip.

Here we are at the zoo….

We truly chilled out. And that was huge for me because I could be in the moment, not preoccupied with my business.

I knew my assistant was taking care of admin. My launch with Noor had just wrapped. Everything was organized, ready to go with our incredible group of super-motivated, ready-to-scale ladies.

All I had to do was check in periodically with each of my groups {my marketing team, the ladies in Launch It 2.0, and my network marketing team}, purely to keep the vibe high.

I knew that coming back this week would be full-on. {I’m currently re-recording an entirely new version of Facebook Ads Academy}. But for that one week, everything was ticking along without me.

That’s a feeling I couldn’t even imagine a year ago. When my business was entirely my agency, I did client work every single day. Even on vacation, that could mean 2am nights, and sometimes up to five hours of calls a day.

But by working less, my business has multiplied.

It’s crazy, right?

Now, I’m guessing that like me, you went into business to get MORE freedom and flexibility.

If you’re not there yet, don’t beat yourself up! And please, don’t tell yourself that if you burn the candle at both ends now, someday you can really take a vacation.

You have to design a freedom business, with intention!

That truth came home to me this time last year, when I was sitting in a gorgeous suite in New York bawling my eyes out…

I’ll tell you the story in my next blog, and let you in on what changed.

Talk to you then!