Y’all… I used to be paralyzed by perfectionism.

I’m 100% serious! I would make the planning phase of any project just as long as the project itself, because it was easier to HIDE in planning than actually doing something that scared me.

Sometimes, I would give up before I even GOT to the actual project because the “what ifs” began to set in.

What if I failed?
What if it didn’t work?

But here’s the truth: action = results. Every time.

Which means the price of inaction is far greater than the cost of a mistake! Sure, we may not fail if we don’t take action… but we won’t succeed either.

Are you a perfectionist too? What is that holding you back from? Maybe you’re delaying a launch, or even putting off starting your business entirely. What would change if you decided to put perfection down and instead take action?

I bet it would be something wonderful!

It’s time to tell that thing that’s holding you back to get packing. You’ve got a business to build, and inaction ain’t the way to build it. So go for it!

I’ll be cheering you on.