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You’ve got an amazing website – now let’s put it to good use!! Today I want to talk to you about optimizing your website to make sure you are converting as much traffic as possible!

{After all, converting traffic is important to the success of your business}. You can bring traffic, or rather potential customers, to your website, but the ultimate goal is to convert that traffic into real sales.

So, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can optimize your website to do just that.

Know your target

Your website home serves as a hub, a central point of your website. Remember first impressions count!

Your homepage’s main goal is to engage your clients and direct visitors to other areas of your website. It’s critical to know who you are, who you’re serving, and exactly what steps you want the user to take.

In addition to functionality, design is important! If your home page doesn’t look professional and appealing, then you may be losing customers before they’ve even set foot in your virtual store.

Studies show that the about page is the second most trafficked page of your site. Does your about page lead your client to the sale by sharing who you are, who you serve, and ultimately making your client the hero of your story?

Product pages are also a critical element to the site. These pages have a specific focus and should allow you to gather clear statistics on conversion rates.

How many visitors are coming to that page, how many are adding the product to their cart, and how many are actually making a purchase?

Match your channels

Your brand should be congruent in every way. The tone and feel of your site should match the tone and feel of your funnels.

A potential customer should be able to search for your product and be able to easily recognize your brand. New users to your site should see a clear link on your home page that compels them to enter a funnel.

Everything in your sales funnel should be backed up by information found elsewhere on your website, such as about us pages, testimonials and your landing page. Creating this consistency across all channels builds trust, and the more a consumer trusts you, the more likely they are to purchase from you.

Limit your customers’ choices

Too much choice can actually be a bad thing! Too many options can leave potential buyers frozen, unable to decide between many similar products.

If your customers must search across twenty variations of the same thing just in different sizes or quantities they may just decide not to buy anything at all. Buyer confusion = lost sales.

Limit the options to unique items with one or two variations at most. Instead of having all your products listed in one page together, consider categorizing them.

Group your products into different types, allowing the buyer to make a series of smaller decisions, rather than selecting from one large group.

Hot Tip: Think about it this way -- when you’re booking in an appointment with a client, contractor, or even a handy-man, you don’t typically ask when is a good time for them; YOU are in charge, and YOU set the boundaries. You typically offer them a choice of 2 times.

Most of the time they will choose one of the two options presented to them. Your sales funnel should work on the same principle. Design your funnels to lead your customers to the right decision for them.

Let your personality shine

By now you should know that I am all about Personality. Let the personality of your business show through in your website.

That’s right YOUR business. Think of your business like a human. How do you want it to look and behave? What do you want your customers to think of when they think of your brand?

As an established business, you’ve already done your market research so you know who your target customers are. Make sure your website copy is speaking to them and only them.

Copy that’s cold and lifeless won’t stand out. Take a risk and put some personality into your website {and invite your visitors feel connected}.

Don’t forget non-monetary transactions

Just because not all traffic leads directly to a sale right now, doesn’t mean there isn’t value in a non-monetary transaction. When visitors arrive at your website, you can offer them something for free in exchange for their contact information.

A general request to sign up for your weekly newsletter probably isn’t going to get much of a response {hello – it’s basically like saying “hey, can I have your email address so I can add more mail to your life?}.

Instead, offer them something of value for free like a discount code or access to an eBook or download. In exchange, you get their contact details and can add them to your list as well as gain valuable data on your target market.

Optimization is about extracting immediate value from the traffic to your website. This value can come in the form of sales, or in a more indirect way from obtaining contact information and data.

Remember, small changes to your website can add up to big changes in your business. So go – take action – and start optimizing your site for success!

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