Friday Faith & Fitness Blog Link-Up

The more I learn about blogging, the more I love the community aspect! I especially enjoy linking up with like-minded bloggers and making new friends. It's crazy to think that after just a few years, some of  my closest friends are women I've met online. But then again, if you're reading this, I know you can relate! Are you a Faith and Fitness Blogger? Join us for our #FaithFitnessFriday link-up.

The purpose of this link-up is to create a fitness-focused, faith-based community. This link-up will give us the platform for shared fellowship and a place where we can go to encourage, inspire, and uplift one another! We hope you will join us each week in finding new ways to make scripture relevant to our lives!

So how will this work?

1. Link up on Friday mornings at and (The easy-to-follow directions will be at the bottom of our post)

2. Leave an uplifting comment at the person's blog who linked up before you. (We want this link-up to be an ENCOURAGEMENT to you! We are each here to inspire and uplift each other and to grow in our community with one another.)

3. Use the hashtag #FaithFitnessFriday when sharing these posts on social media!

Note: Entries completely unrelated to faith/fitness or linked to your homepage will be deleted. Offensive comments will also be deleted. Participants who do not participate by encouraging and uplifting one another will be deleted.


Do I have to link up on Friday? What if I don’t publish until Monday? You can link up any day of the week, but Friday is most common.

Is there a hashtag for us to use? Yes! We will be using the #FaithFitnessFriday. Make sure to use this hashtag so we can re-tweet and show you some love on your social sites!

We are truly thrilled to have the opportunity to meet you, to interact together, and to fellowship with one another. See you starting the first Friday in November!!