This is a note to myself as much as it’s a note to you or anyone.

So often I find myself caught up with concerns like, “am I going to meet all of my goals by the end of the year” OR “how can I run this business the way I envision while changing diapers and running my daughter to all of her activities?”

And let me tell you: that gets daunting.

The truth of THIS moment, though, is that I'm sitting at home with my baby boy in my arms after a morning of answering emails and client calls, and literally nothing about this isn’t awesome.

I get to work from home with freedom and flexibility, and I should always choose to focus on the “I get to” moments.

There are so many awesome ‘right nows.’ This is a reminder to you and me to spend more time there.

What’s your favorite “right now” moment? Reply back and let me know. I personally respond to every email!