The number one complaint that I hear from my clients and from many of you is this: “I have so much to do and I just don't have enough time.”

I get it.

As moms, wives, and business owners, we're busy! We have a lot going on.


So, how do I find time to do it all?

I don't.

{Ok, I know that's not exactly what you were hoping to hear, but it's the truth.}

Instead of focusing on perfection, I strive for balance.

Here's the deal: Taking back your time and “getting it all done” takes balance and dedication.

Sure, there are times when I'm off-balance, too. And that's ok. We all have to give ourselves grace.

But there are also some proactive steps that I take that help me keep my priorities in line and stay super organized. And these are what I want to share with you today.


The first thing I do to stay organized is set my priorities and goals.

We have a mission and a vision statement for our family, and I have one for my business as well.

If things don't align with that mission and vision, they don't happen. Period.

So when I'm trying to decide whether to do “this” or “that”, I have a filter or framework {my mission statement, my vision, my set of beliefs and priorities} that I'm running each decision through.

If you don't have a written mission and vision for your business, then you're going to be tempted to say “yes” to things that don't matter, which could mean that you'll end up having to say “no” to things that do matter.

{And let's be honest, if you're like me before I had this framework, you're going to end up saying “yes” way too often.}

The reality is, we can't say yes to everything or we'll be so busy doing that we won't have time to spend living. 

We can't say yes to everything or we'll be so busy doing that we won't have time to spend living. 

We have to learn how to say no. And saying no becomes a whole lot easier when we have a mission and vision statement {i.e. a good filter or framework} to run our decisions through.


Another step I take that saves me a ton of time is this: I have a written system in place for everything in my business.


So every time I write a blog post, I have a system for what needs to be included in the post. {Do I have my Click to Tweet button? Do I have my points? What about my subtitles? Did I use good SEO? Etc…}

I have a system for my social media, for my marketing strategies, for my daily to-do's. 

At first, you might think that's crazy or super Type A, but here's the deal: I don't want to spend an extra minute on anything. I want to reserve my brain power for the things that really matter.

And if I don't work from a system, if I don't work from a checklist, then I spend time trying to remember if I’ve forgotten to do something instead of spending that time focusing on what matters.

Working from a system allows me to spend my time constantly refining and improving rather than trying to remember what comes next.

It helps me focus my attention on what's really important.

Because I'm only willing to work a certain number of hours each week, I have to make every moment count.


If you feel like you don’t have enough time for your life or your business, it's time take action. 

Start by reviewing {or creating} your vision and mission statements. Make sure these are well-defined and that you're running each decision through this priority framework.

Begin writing out your systems and processes so you can free up your mind for what matters most, and make sure that you understand your priorities and the reasons behind everything you do.

Let's make each moment count, today and every day!

I would love to hear from you… what do you do to stay focused, balanced, and present each day?