Do you get overwhelmed with your to-do list? Do you have so many items to check off that it just seems out of reach? I've been there! I have so much that I want to get done every day that honestly, sometimes it’s a problem. When I am looking through my list {the things I’d love to do this year} – I want to get smarter, I have some really exciting financial goals that I wanna achieve in my business, and I have so many ladies that I want to help with my online boot camps, and with my business building blocks, and with my upcoming Pinterest Academy. I have all these goals and all these dreams and all these things that I want to accomplish. But here’s the problem: When I look at it from that perspective, there are so many things in life to choose from that I end up overwhelmed and frustrated with my To-Do list.

We all have only 24 hours in a day. None of us get 36, and none of us can buy a few extra hours so we can get everything done. We have to realize that our time and my energy is finite. And when we go to create our to-do lists, we have to realize that we don’t have to save the world tomorrow. That’s just not just realistic. So how can we create an effective to-do list? Let me share my top three tips!


First and foremost, when I’m creating my to-do list, I take a step back and decide on my personal priorities first. These are the priorities that I’m going to wrap my life around. And that’s the first step we talk about in goal setting – to define these priorities for the year so that when we're creating our to-do lists from our action items, we're wrapping it around those priorities.


The second thing that I do is start with the basics. What are the basics? Well, my family has to have food to eat, we need to get enough rest, we need to have clean clothes, we need to have proper hygiene. As I'm brain dumping, I think through the essentials that have to be done, no matter what.

Now let me just pause and say that I know some of you ladies, you are single moms, or you’re taking care of loved ones who have life-threatening illnesses, or you have a child with special needs, or you have lots and lots and lots of little ones… for those of you in this season, your day is likely going to be made up primarily of these basic things. And friend, that is awesome! Because you are literally saving lives, and growing lives, and shaping lives. So don’t get defeated by that, don’t feel like you’re not saving the world, and don't get caught up in what you wish you could have been doing, because what you’re doing is important work. Yes, it's basic, but it's what matters. Truly, I believe that it's the exact thing you’ve been put here on earth to do.


Once we’ve decided our priorities and we've started with the basics then what we need to do is pick a few bite-size pieces to tackle. {Now remember, we've already prioritized our goals and our list. Next, I take my priority list and my action items and I rate them and then focus on getting the most important items accomplished first.

I know in Brian Tracy's Book “Eat That Frog“* he says to make sure to do the most difficult task on your list first. While I don't disagree with him, I've found that for me, doing the most important thing first {the thing that will move my family, my business, and my life forward the most}, is the best method for me. It's choosing my “Best Yes“* first!

Do the most important thing first. Eat that frog. #getorganized #fitfluential


I keep my list super-short and super-simple. I pick one action item from each of my goals that I would like to tackle each day and then I sort it based on order of priority. Then, when I have time in my day {when I have 30 minutes here or an extra 15 minutes there}, I schedule in these action items.

I’ve decided my personal priorities, I’ve started with the basics, I’ve picked some bite-size pieces to tackle, prioritized that list, and then keep it short and simple.

If you want to set yourself up for success, you can’t accomplish 42 items on your To-Do list today. It’s just not possible. Instead, let's plan to accomplish the most important tasks on our list – the ones that will push us toward our goals. Let's commit to following through on these few things rather than trying to do many things and accomplishing nothing at all.

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What's on your to-do list today? What's your best tip for creating an effective to-do list?