“There's just not enough time in the day to get it all done.” Right?! I used to feel that way every day. {And from time to time, I still do}. But implementing this one strategy has actually helped me get things done and find more time in my day!


Time management is so incredibly important for all of us, and many of us could do a better job of managing our time. We are all incredibly busy, so it’s very important that we use every minute of our days wisely. Sometimes we get so busy that when we have a couple of minutes, we literally just zone out or spend time on our phones instead of doing something that’s productive. So what's a girl to do? How can we use that time to do something meaningful?

I've got the answer, and I'll share it with you now! To help you be more productive and get more out of each day, I created a list of a few things that you can do in literally 2 minutes.

So instead of zoning out on your phone next time you have a quick break {because, let's be honest — a 2-minute phone zoning session often turns into 30-minutes of scrolling Facebook, finding an article about the election, reading the comments, clicking on the profile of the person whose comments bothered you the most, seeing their article about cute puppies, etc…. So instead of trying that}, try this:


Make a quick snack to munch on instead of just grabbing something out of the pantry. It literally takes two minutes to cut up some strawberries or slap some peanut butter on a banana or an apple.

Take your vitamins or drink a big glass of water. I know I struggle with getting enough water during my day. With two minute break, I could go chug a glass of water and be that much healthier {and not have looked at my phone}.

Did you know you can actually get about 25 sit ups done in about two minutes? If you think you don’t have time to work out, that two minute break that you had could have been a quick workout. In two minutes, you could have stopped, dropped, and gotten your heart pumping. Every little bit of exercise counts, even if it’s broken up into small chunks throughout the day.

Find more time in your day… what to do with your 2 minutes #getorganized #timemanagement


In two minutes, you could write a quick thank you note or super quick inspirational text to somebody who you have seen do something great. Spending two or three minutes a day just encouraging someone during your down time will not only improve their life, but it will also improve yours.


There are many small household chores you could do in two minutes, too. You can actually clean the sink in your bathroom or a dirty toilet in about two minutes. {Let's be clear – these are things that I personally don’t particularly enjoy doing, but they also really don’t take much time}.

You can load the laundry in two minutes.

And, you can unload your dishes in less than 5 minutes {at least, that's what people who don't have toddlers tell me! Ha!}


When we say, “Hey I don’t have enough time to get it all done,” I think it’s because sometimes we’re not using the time that we are given wisely. When we do have that extra two or three minutes, we don’t really know what we do with it, and so we hop on our phone and we check our Instagram, we look at our messages, or we do something else to waste those two to three minutes.

Your action item today is to make a list of a few things that you could get done if you had two extra minutes, a few things you’d love to get done and next time you have a little bit of time, add that list to your phone, and {most importantly} go do those things! You’ll be surprised how much your extra time adds up!