I’ve been running my own Facebook® ads for quite some time now, {it feels like forever!}, and along the way I’ve learnt a few valuable tricks. What kind of mentor and friend would I be if I didn’t share these tricks with YOU?

One of my favorite Facebook® ad hacks is using Social Proof to take advantage of the comments and likes that you’ve already received on one ad-set, on a new ad-set. “What exactly does that mean?” You ask.

Let me explain;

You’ve created an awesome ad which has tracked well and received a bunch of likes and comments. It’s performing like crazy and has received a TON of Engagement. Now you want to try out something different with a new demographic and try targeting fresh audiences BUT, you want to take advantage of the engagement you already have on your original ad.

Let me show you how it’s done.

Start with the ad you already have. {The awesome one with heaps of likes and comments on it}. You need to select this ad from within your Ads Manager panel.

In the top right corner of the ad, you should see a several-digit number next to the Ad ID. This number is your ad’s ‘POST ID’ which you’ll be needing shortly.
Create your new add in Power Editor. To the right of the ‘Create Ad’ tab, you should see the option to ‘Use Existing Post’, You will want to click the ‘Use Existing Post option.
At the bottom of the drop-down list of published posts that you can choose from, you will have the option to ‘Enter Post ID’; by clicking this link you can enter the several-digits that you previously copied from your earlier Awesome Ad.

You are now ready to go. Using this sneaky little trick, you can now target new audiences without having to start from scratch and try to build momentum from square one.

Your ads will perform much better and in turn your ad spend will yield a much better return on investment. Why waste money trying to build a following when you already have one?! {You’d be crazy NOT to take advantage of this method}

Have a play with a few different demographic groups. Make sure you’re using Social Proof and Make Facebook® Work for You!

Let me know how you go, I love hearing your feedback!