Do you struggle with negative thoughts? Did you know that one of the greatest battles you will fight today is in your mind?

It's true! When Genesis 3 happened, everything broke. And as females, our minds are one of the first places that we are susceptible to attack! Two of the biggest struggles for me are the battle with comparison and insecurity. {I know, I know, you're thinking I have it all together! {Ha!} Truly, I wish I did… but just to be fully transparent – I don't!} Battling against our own fears and negative thoughts can literally consume our time if we let it. But the GOOD NEWS is, we don't have to!! One of my favorite Bible verses is Philippians 4:8, which says “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.” It sounds so easy – so why do I struggle with this?

Self-doubt, fear, and the tendency to jump to unrealistic, overblown conclusions is something that everyone struggles with. And it's no wonder… did you know that we have 40-50 thoughts per second? I can't even wrap my own brain around that {no pun intended!}. Think about it… every circumstance, TV commercial, situation, everything you've read, heard, and spoken is playing constantly in your mind. Imagine how many thoughts we have that we’re not even aware of. Wow!

So how do we take control? Can we take control? Absolutely!

Where do we begin? First, I start off by spending intentional time each morning in Personal Development. For me, that means time in my Bible, followed by time reading something that's going to make me smarter! {You can see a list of my favorites here!}

Next, I ask myself these three questions when I become my own worst critic…

(1) Is this a legitimate concern or am I just afraid?

(2) What is the worst thing that could possibly happen? Is that realistic?

(3) God promises in His Word that He prepared me for good works that He would do through me. Am I trusting in His promises today or am I relying on my own strength?

Want to try this out? Write out the first five negative things you think about yourself or your situation today. Now filter it through another lens. For example, if I don't like the way my body looks, I can replace that thought with the reminder that I am created in God's image, for His purpose, and I am ENOUGH. If I'm disappointed with my current weight loss efforts, I can remind myself that one mistake doesn't mean I've blown it – my nutrition is not a one day event that requires perfect performance – it's an ongoing process of change, and change takes time. I can toss the old thoughts aside and exchange them for new thoughts.  And even more promising to me is that I can ask the Creator of the universe to change my mind, my heart, and my thoughts to see myself as He sees me – his daughter – his creation – adopted into His kingdom – worthy – forgiven – enough.

Whether you're struggling with negative self-talk, fear of the unknown, or battling a big and scary problem, you're always just one thought away from turning your situation into an opportunity for change, growth and progress. So today, let's take our thoughts captive and focus on all that is pure, noble, true, lovely, and right.

Do you struggle with negative thoughts? What's you're best tip for overcoming comparison and insecurity?

#Comparison will rob us of #joy! Best tips for overcoming negative thoughts!! #proverbs31