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How to Platform-Proof Your Business

If you have ever worried about what would happen if your favorite social media platform went down…

(I know I've thought about this scenario before and at one point in my life was even worried that my business would tank), today’s episode is for you!

Or if you've ever thought that you needed to be the first one to jump on the latest trends in marketing in hopes that that's going to be the thing that finally skyrockets you to notoriety… today's episode is for you!

Today, we’re going to share with you what it means to “platform-proof” your business and how to create an online business that will withstand the times of fad marketing. We want you to create an online business that is built on strong foundations. Let’s dive in!


At 1:15, we start off by defining what we mean when we say “platform-proof your business.” What does our audience or paid advertising or social media have to do with platform-proofing our business?


At 8:05, because there are so many areas where business owners get things backwards, we take the time here to talk through what is NOT important when it comes to the “perceived fundamentals” in your business.


At 11:46, after hashing out the things that are NOT important in your business (aka sharing with you the things I used to waste time doing 🤦🏼) we take the time here to go over the things that really are important for your business, because this will change the way you do business. This will change the way you show up for your business, and this will make your business platform proof!



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ActiveCampaign is Louis Vuitton quality CRM at a Target price! With it you can create unlimited funnels, create tags and workflows, add notes to your customer files, manage #allthethings, and there are additional upgrades that even allow for texting and DMing, all from the platform!

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I know you’ll love ActiveCampaign as much as we do!

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