Have you ever had a major setback in biz? Most of us have.

My grandmother’s fall makes me think of how we choose to react when things go wrong.

Grandma is 91, as I mentioned. But she’s not your ordinary 91-year-old. She’s used to doing everything herself.

So, when she broke both her feet at my house over Easter, all of that independence was lost in a moment.

Some people would give up. They’d say, “I’m done for, just take care of me for the rest of my life.”

But my Grandma? Her attitude is, “How soon can I do all this for myself again? Can I work harder?”

When things get tough — even catastrophic — we can apply that same drive and determination to your own business.

Sometimes, we’re doing everything right (just like Grandma), but the unexpected comes and knocks us down. That’s when we have to CHOOSE to get back up again.

And also, let’s think about the fact that she’s 91 years old!! Have you ever told yourself it’s too late to pursue your dreams? Chances are, you’re nowhere near your nineties!

It’s never too late to reclaim your life.