Sometimes, I hit a wall — and I hit it hard. I’m talking about the type of wall where you’re staring at your computer screen, wondering why your brain feels so fuzzy while you’re still in yesterday’s pajama pants.

Yep… a motivational wall, if you will.

Now listen — We all know that in order to succeed at business, you have to implement the right strategy. You have to know your numbers and lock in your launches and know how to pivot when things aren’t working.

But do you know what’s even more important to creating a successful business? The right mindset and consistency.

The only people who “fail” are those who quit. Which means as long as you don’t quit, you won’t fail… you’ll just learn a whole lot along the way!

So how do you keep going when you hit a wall? How do you motivate yourself and dive back in? Well, that’s where the mindset work comes in. Personal development is absolutely critical here!

For me, I use these steps from Dr. Shannon Irvine to hack my brain and rewire it to keep going, even when I feel “stuck” or “unmotivated”!

Click here to learn how to rewire your brain!

Next time you find yourself feeling like you just can’t get yourself going, try on this exercise for size. I bet it will work wonders for you!

Here’s to overcoming those mental blocks!


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