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How to Scale to Six Figures with Guest Expert James Wedmore

Welcome to this special podcast episode featuring James Wedmore! This episode is the first in a six-episode secret podcast series where James and I are sitting down together to share some never-before-shared stories and take you behind-the-scenes in our online businesses.

We're going to talk about how long it took us to go from zero dollars in our business to six figures. Also, we going to answer some of the questions that we get all of the time…Like when you’re just getting started, how do you start to scale? And what did it take to break through that six figure barrier and beyond?

We're really honored, humbled, and excited to have the opportunity to share our stories with you along with some of our biggest tips, mindset shifts, and takeaways that we know can transform your business if you'll let them.

If you're ready to get a little uncomfortable in a really good way…

If you're ready to release some of the weight and the burden that maybe has even been holding you back…

If you're ready to grow your online business and break through that seeming rut you may have felt like you're in…

Then get ready! Because this podcast could just be the thing that's going to change everything for you! We cannot wait to get started and go on this journey with you together.


>> At 5:29, after sharing a bit of my back story in online business, I talk through all the things that led me to where I first met James and how I was first accepted into his mastermind. Even though the path there may have been paved with seeming failures, they were all necessary in my journey. Maybe you can relate too?


>> At 10:53, we jump in with James and get right to it! I ask him to take us back to when he first started in online business and if he ever could have imagined he’d be where he is at today. The answer might surprise you!


>> At 15:45, I ask James if his first product is what took him to six figures (spoiler: the answer is no!), why we’re both hesitant of anyone who seems to be an overnight success, and why when you focus on the ONE thing, that’s what takes you closer to a 6-figure business owner.

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