Can you believe we’re already five weeks into 2016?! Raise your hand if you’re on track for accomplishing your goals this year? I’ve heard from so many ladies who are already struggling, and I want to give you hope! In The Compound Effect*, Darren Hardy talks about how small, seemingly insignificant actions over a long period of time can yield significant results.

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So what can you do today to make sure you stick with your new routine? Here are my top four tips!

Add One New Thing at A Time

While there’s no real science to support the “21 Days to a habit” saying {you can Google it if you don’t believe me!}, I have found that in my own life, 21 days does seem to be a magical number. When I do something, day in and day out, for 21 days – it sticks. So if you’re struggling with getting things done, rather than try to overhaul your life in one sitting, I suggest adding in one new element of change every 21 days. Create a habit, then add something else. So if you wanted to change the way your body looks this year, this might look like eliminating sugar for the next 21 days. Then maybe adding in a short workout each morning for the next 21 days…, etc. What one new thing will you try adding today?

Make a Checklist

Checklists might not be your cup of tea – they certainly don’t sound glamorous or sparkly. But checklists are a girl’s best friend when it comes to productivity and getting things done. While I’m always up for a new printable {here are a few of my favorites}, your checklist doesn’t have to be fancy. It could mean writing something down on a post-it note that you stick on your pantry or fridge or mirror to remind you of your focus for the next 21 days. Would you consider using a checklist for the next 21 days if it meant moving one step closer to your goals?

Find Accountability

You don’t have to do this on your own. There are so many others who have walked your road before who want to come alongside you and help. I personally believe that accountability is both a critical element and an often overlooked element when it comes to success!  Maybe that means investing in a business coach to help you with your business needs, or a personal trainer who you check in with periodically for your fitness goals. Maybe it’s a spouse or a best friend who check-in with weekly. Or maybe it’s a Bible Study Group or a counselor. Whatever form it takes, the point is that accountability works! Who holds you accountable to achieving your goals?

Create a Reward System

A final {and sure-fire} way to make sure you stick with something is to reward yourself! As a business owner, I reward and recognize the hard work and efforts of my team, and similarity, I create rewards for accomplishing my own goals. For a fitness goal, this may look like putting a dollar in a jar every single time I work out, or for achieving a financial milestone, it may be rewarding myself with a new coffee mug or purse or electronic device.

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What do you do to stay on track? How do you stay motivated to stick with your new routine?