Are Messenger Ads a gateway to placing pop-up ads through-out private messages between friends? OR might they just be the latest and greatest {and simplest} way to make instant and direct contact with a business?

I truly believe that Messenger ads fall into the latter of the two.

We all know (or ARE) that person who won't go and buy a product without extensive research. Sometimes that includes skimming over the first 5 pages of a google search and clicking countless user reviews and ratings, other times we bring a torch to the store and shine it into the face of the retail trainee before initiating an inquisition.

Well, wouldn't it be easier if you had the means of messaging a business directly? To be able to write straight to a company with any questions or worries and have a prompt reply without all the hold-ups of queues and waiting rooms?

Think about it for a moment. When most people are spending a quarter to a third of their day with an electronic device in hand, this is just another logical step in the era of convenience.

Facebook has over 1.5 billion profiles and 2/3's of that population has the messenger app. That's over 1 billion potential clienteles for businesses brave enough to dip their toes into newly discovered waters.

Showmanship aside, what exactly are Messenger ads?

As of the time of this writing, there are 2 types of messenger ads.

The first are the ads that pop up through your feed and, once clicked, open a chat window with the company. When creating your Ad campaign, you can select this destination option at the ad level.

Ads like these take up little space and avoid opening new pages to websites (this is quite helpful for those clumsy fingered scrollers like me).

By now, most of us would've seen one, or 500, of these ads in our daily feeds; isn't it funny how they are so clever at nailing our likes!?!

As any modern-day marketing tactic does, (or WILL do) our preferences and searches are kept and given to these companies to help us and give us that little extra push to buy those products we really want but won't pull the trigger on. These ads can also engage the audience by involving them through questions and polls, or by planting ideas in their heads with colorful pictures and cartoon concepts.

The best thing about this is that you can literally target any audience this way!

The second approach for messenger ads is through a direct sponsored message. This option is found at the ad set level in Ads Manager. You can customise your message to include images and links.

The only downside with messenger ads is that you can only target customers who have had a prior dealing with your site through messenger. Investing in this kind of advertising will cost you, no matter if the receiver opens your message or not. There IS a way around it through bot programs like (ManyChat) which allow users to subscribe to your messenger and thus gives you the option to mass message your followers.

Do NOT misunderstand me: this is for more than fishing for Facebook faithful to buy from you. This method has the potential to push your business profits north, and by how much?

That's up to you and your investment. This is a rapidly growing tactic and for good reason.

Advertising is big business. Being at the forefront of your customer's minds and fingertips will help give you the advantage over your competitors.

Stay tuned for more tips, hints, and secrets to unlocking the power of the ads manager.

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