Can you believe it's already March?!?!

At the beginning of every month, I pause to reflect, plan, and celebrate the big wins from the past month!

February was a short but crazy month!

A mastermind retreat in Laguna Beach, Valentine's Day, our wedding anniversary, wedding showers, baby showers, and a super EPIC launch were just a few of the incredible accomplishments.

And even though I fell short of one of my BIG goals for the network marketing biz (I didn't qualify for a big goal in February), I helped 17 other women achieve their goals (and that felt SERIOUSLY amazing!!)

Plus I got the go-ahead from Corporate to grab my very own paid-for Cadillac! (I'm going to do a LIVE video this week sharing why I'm waiting to pick it up off the lot #DaveRamseyMadeMeDoIt).

Y'all — what it happening in this business has been a complete and total MOVEMENT.

⭐It's allowed me to scale back at the agency… (we're no longer taking on new clients and have a six month wait list for done-for-you ads)

⭐It's allowed me to SHOW UP for the things in life that really matter (weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, showers, etc)

⭐It's allowed me to finally feel FREE!!

But that’s not the most amazing part.

Watching the incredible women who have joined me in TEARS OF JOY over what’s happened in their lives in the past few months has been the MOST EXCITING part of this journey…

⭐Women who are retiring their husbands.

⭐Women who are leaving their corporate jobs.

⭐Women who are contributing significantly to their household incomes.

⭐Women who are more confident, more excited, and totally supported.

Knowing that I can give this gift to others for such a small investment is MASSIVE to me!

I’ve found the answer!

And now I’m on a personal mission to help women just like you do the exact same thing!

I want you to join me.

You’ve heard me talk about this new partnership with a network marketing company in the last few months. (And my amazing #fiveminutehair transformation)

I know, I know… I’m just as surprised as you are!

I’ve been on this journey for just a few months, and have grown a team of over 1,500 incredible, ambitious, generous, leaders in this 100% profit revenue stream.

I know what you might be thinking… “Well, easy for you, Rachel, you’ve got a massive following.”

Here’s where it gets better, friend.

We're hosting a BRAND NEW MASTERMIND this month for anyone who joins the team — filled with FREE group coaching all about mindset, crafting your story, branding, sales, recruiting, implementation, and more…!

Tonight, my team is holding a special call to share ALL the details! click here, and register for our live event:

Why Network Marketing Is Your Next Big Business Move in 2018

And How To Ethically Build Without Cold Messaging and Spammy Sales.

You’ll learn our super straightforward strategies on:

⭐ How To Ethically Leverage Social Media And Create Significant Residual Profit

⭐ Why Residual + Recurring Income Is Your New Retirement Plan

⭐ How To Do Network Marketing in NEW Way That Won't Ruin Your Brand or Relationships

this is SO possible for you!

I’ve found the right product, at the right time in the marketplace, with the BEST training and unparalleled compensation plan – it’s like the gold fairy dust that all biz dreams are made of. (And I’m actually not exaggerating).

Amazing products, a high-vibe community, and the BEST marketing, sales, and branding training are waiting for you! I want to mentor you to do the same thing I’ve done – and to cut your timeline by avoiding some of the common mistakes I made in the beginning!

Hop on this training tonight and let us answer all of your questions!

See you TONIGHT! And if you want to talk about this NOW, feel free to hit “reply” and ask me anything!

P.S. Want the Cliff’s Notes Version (I know I always do!) Here’s all the juicy details: if you’re craving consistent, profitable, residual income you NEED to attend this live event today.

We’re sharing all the details on Why Network Marketing Is Your Next Big Business Move in 2018 + How To Ethically Build Without Cold Messaging and Spammy Sales. If you want more income and impact in you life without a business that takes over your life, you are gonna wanna catch this!! See you tonight!!