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Since launching the podcast last Fall, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing so many amazing business owners and entrepreneurs! They have shared so many incredible tips, strategies, struggles, victories, and secrets to being a business owner who makes a lasting impact.

I’ve rounded up a few highlights from some of my favorites here for you and I can’t wait for you to learn from some of the best:

Episode #2: Stacy Tuschl: Excelling in the Digital Age of Business – In this episode you’ll hear:

How Stacy took a simple backyard business and hobby and turned it into a million-dollar-a-year business that now runs itself and allows her to do all the fun things she enjoys day to day.

How she transitioned from her brick and mortar business and had such quick success in the online realm of business.

Stacy’s thoughts on what you really need to be disciplined and focused on during your first few months of business.

What kind of framework to put in place for yourself and for your business when it comes to investing and knowing when to invest.

“I'm just constantly learning and growing, and for me that's part of the fun. I love investing back in myself. I love just getting inspired to learn and do more. So, I think that eventually becomes your new norm in business.”

Stacy’s thoughts on courses, masterminds, and group coaching programs and what she tells her clients to look for.

Episode #4: James Wedmore: Mastering Your Mindset – In this episode you’ll hear:

James' mission of truly wanting to help the digital entrepreneur step into the CEO role of their business and leave behind the mentality of working like the underpaid, overworked intern.

“It's like your business demands more of you than five of the worst jobs or bosses you've ever worked for, and that's because people are operating their business backwards. We really want to fix that, so that's what I help entrepreneurs do.”

How James has been able to build an entire program that helps entrepreneurs automatize and systematize the whole process of business-owning.

How an entrepreneur's mindset is “make or break” for them in their businesses and how changing your mindset is key.

What James' number one success quality is that he sees in entrepreneurs who are able to leave behind the overworked intern and become the CEO in their business.

Episode #28 Stu McLaren: How to Launch a Successful & Profitable Membership Site – In this episode you’ll hear:

Stu talk about his April 25th workshop where you can learn how to launch a profitable membership site. You’ll learn the exact steps to take to build a successful membership business around what you already know, love, and do! Click here to get on the waitlist!

Stu break down the mentality many business owners have, which is: “I have to have thousands of followers in order to have a membership site and be successful.” Which is just not true!

Stu explain the benefit of the membership site that goes hand-in-hand with a course, and the benefit of having that type of revenue model in your business.

The best advice from Stu for the “hustling” entrepreneur who is seeking to slow down a bit and trying to decide between launching a course or a membership site.

Why focusing on one product, one brand, is so important for business owners today.

“When you become known for something specific, when you become known for solving a specific problem, when you become known for helping people create a certain transformation – It's so much easier for people to spread the word. It's so much easier for you to attract people into your world.”

Who are some of the other amazing business owners I’ve interviewed? Have a listen for yourself:

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