Have you ever felt like there was something you needed to do, but you really didn’t understand why?

Or have you been drawn to a specific person, but from the outside it kind of looks like you have nothing in common?

Have you experienced that deep, inner “knowing”? That instinct that pushes or pulls you toward something that seems a bit far-fetched or unexpected?

Well, I definitely have!

But just because I know I’m feeling called to do something doesn’t mean it’s always easy to take action on what I’m feeling drawn to do.

For example, last summer I hired a new business coach to get one-on-one help within my business. And when I say “high level,” I mean that I engaged a tip-top, cream of the crop, business coach. My investment to work with her for just a few months was more than I even feel comfortable sharing publicly {if you ask, I’ll tell… but know that’s totally like asking someone how old she is or what she weighs!}.

Was it scary? Ummm, YES!!! {Actually, it was terrifying!} I had never made an investment of that magnitude in my business before, and I had no guarantees that I would see a return on my investment. But deep down inside, I knew that this was the woman I was meant to work with.

I prayed about the decision, and I discussed it with my husband and a few close, trusted friends {please do NOT discuss your big, scary decisions with random people – only those you know love and care for you sincerely}. And in the end, although the decision was scary, I knew it was exactly the decision I was being led to make!

The results? My business is thriving in ways I never imagined it could! I experienced rapid growth due to the guidance of my coach, my own implementation, and trusting God every step of the way. I now work with the most amazing clients all around the globe, and have recently added a new division — my own Facebook Ads Agency!

The decision that I made to invest for just a few months of coaching really didn’t make sense. I could have “bargain shopped”  and hired several of other reputable, experienced coaches for less than what my coach was charging. However, I knew this was the obvious next step. So I made that large investment, and now my business makes consistent multi-five-figure months! I don’t say that to brag, but to encourage you that sometimes the decisions that seem a little crazy are the BEST decisions you’ll ever make!

In what area of your life do you need to go for it this week? Pay attention, and don’t discount what you’re being led to and drawn toward as you make decisions for your life and business.

I’d love to hear your feedback about a time when you followed your gut and are glad that you did! Just hit reply to this email and tell me your story; I read every message!