So, as you know if you read my previous blog, it’s not biz-as-usual around here!

Since my Grandma’s fall, I’ve been making a few changes.

Now, I must say it is SO rewarding to already have a flexible business. When something truly unexpected like this happens, I don’t have to be in the office every day.

But even my business could be more flexible.

And that means some big changes at McMichael Consulting LLC.

At this point, my agency is not taking on any more one-on-one Facebook Ads clients. At least, not until Grandma is on her feet again.

We’re focusing on my other passions — our courses and my network marketing biz.

I had to hit pause for a few weeks, but we’re now relaunching Facebook Ads Academy later this month. This is a “don't miss” if mastering FB ads is on your to-do list!

In amazing news, Grandma is on the mend and fourteen hour stays at the hospital are no longer my new normal…. I’m visiting rehab on the daily, and she's busy learning how to get around without putting any weight on her feet at all — a big challenge, but she’s up for it!

Oh, and looking back at these past few weeks, I have to say: 5-minute hair is kind of INCREDIBLE when you’re spending all day every day at the hospital 😉

Ok, your turn. Have you ever had an unexpected event that made you change how you work? Tell me — I read every comment!