Perspective is everything! What you see in this picture is the happiest toddler splashing in a puddle. But what you don't know {yet} is the back story.

We were outside playing, riding the tricycle, and this cute girl accidentally tripped on my full {plastic} cup of water, knocking it over. I had a split second to decide: how was I going to react? Was I going to be frustrated or get over it?

Before I could even decide, she plopped down on the ground and asked “Mom, can I take off my shoes?”

I smiled, knowing exactly where this was going. Chuckling, I said “Of course you can!”

Three seconds later, I had the happiest toddler jumping up and down barefoot in this puddle, splashing around, and pouring out her own cup of water to make an even bigger stomping ground.

Y'all, I'll be honest – the first thing that crossed my mind was to be disappointed, angry or frustrated. Spilling water was never my intention {and it certainly wasn't hers either}

Yes, this was a mistake. And yes, it altered the course of our fun afternoon.

But in a good way.

A brilliant way.

A way that reminded me that our mistakes don't define us. Yes, they change us, but we choose how to react.

Perspective is everything… our mistakes don't define us!

We choose whether to see spilled water or puddles for splashing.

And let me just say… splashing barefoot in puddles is totally the right choice – every time!