I’m on my way right now to Stacy Tuschl's She’s Building Her Empire – Live and I’m so, so honored and absolutely thrilled to be included as one of her guest experts during the event!

There is something incredibly special about live, in-person events! The excitement of being surrounded by people just like you who are motivated and inspired to go after their dreams is an amazing feeling. In fact, some of my best ideas and greatest moments of learning have happened at live events — there's something about the energy and community that creates the perfect environment for BIG breakthroughs.

And I've also met some of my best biz friends at live events — these are the women who are now a part of my inner circle, and we are there to support one another, uplift one another, and share with one another what's working in our businesses and what's not working in our businesses. The connections I’ve made at these live events will forever be near and dear to my heart.

Are you heading to a live event soon? Here are a few of my best tips for attending a live event:

1. Bring a brand new notebook and be prepared to take tons of notes!

There’s nothing worse than running out of paper in your half-used-up notebook just as the speaker is getting to the really good stuff. I love buying a brand new notebook solely dedicated for each live event I attend. I write the name and date of the event on the cover, that way I can refer to all of the amazing ideas I had at that event anytime I want!

2. Do NOT plan anything else or agree to outside commitments. Invest all of your time and energy in the event.

It may be tempting when you attend a live event in a fun, new city to try and meet up with everyone you’ve ever known who now lives there, hold a VIP day with your clients, and sneak out for a quick sightseeing tour or head to a new restaurant, but trust me… you’re better served saving those things for BEFORE or AFTER the event. During the event, you need to focus all of your energy on the reason you’re in that new city in the first place — the event! Remember why you went and focus on your time and connections there. If you MUST hit up the sights in the city, plan an extra day there, solely for that purpose!

3. Network! Every live event is filled with amazing people and incredible connections!

Take it from one introvert to another, this is NOT easy — but it’s SO worth it! You never know if the person you’re shaking hands with could be your next business partner, collaboration, or person to help take your business to the next level. And just a friendly reminder (because I have to remind myself of this all the time!): Make eye contact and smile when you meet new people.

4. Talk to the people around you.

Again, introvert speaking here, but this is important! Each live event usually has a dedicated time for networking with other business owners, but so much relationship building can happen with the person sitting right next to you! Make the most of those opportunities. Who knows? One of them could be your future biz bestie!

So, what about you, friend? What do you do at live events? Have I left off any really important ones? I’d love to know your thoughts, experiences, and tips!