I am about to get REAL with you.

You know I’m all about staying positive, spreading light and love, and creating an impact in this world. But can we all agree that sometimes, life just gets hard!

There are times when no matter how hard you try to stay positive, you’re still left feeling like you’re standing at the foot of a huge mountain wondering how the heck you’re going to climb it.

Adversity is real, y’all — in business and in life. When baby brother was born (I can’t believe he’s almost two months old now!!), we were thrown a huge curveball. He was admitted to the NICU for low blood sugar… and then we found out that a more serious problem existed. Essentially, baby brother would stop breathing several times a day.

He’s home now and fine (Amen!), but let me tell you friend… it was a crazy journey. We spent the holidays in the hospital, and we were so grateful to have the support of friends and family who were praying alongside us.

I am a FIRM believer that you can face anything with the right mindset. The mindset trick I use? I rest in gratitude.

No matter WHAT the circumstances are, gratitude grounds me. It places my focus on being thankful and present instead of being frustrated and thinking about what’s “going wrong”.

So how can YOU use gratitude to overcome adversity? Practice makes perfect! Start by writing down at least three things you’re grateful for every single day. Get into the habit of focusing on what’s going right vs. what’s going wrong. And when you face adversity, go back to your list! Where is the silver lining? How can you grow from this? When you put your focus there, everything changes :).

I’d love to hear how YOU create a positive mindset, especially in times of adversity. Comment down below! I read every single response.