Last month, I launched the founding round of my brand-new group program, FB Ads Academy LIVE, and I'm having so much fun hosting so many incredible women inside the course!

Now that I'm on the other side of another successful launch, I'm excited to let you peek behind the curtain and see what worked well {and a few things that didn't}!

Here are my 3 top takeaways {from least to most impactful}:

Lesson #1:
You WILL make mistakes in a launch {hello, you're human!}, but the really important thing is how you react to those mistakes.

For example, I left out the link to the course sales page at the end of my first webinar {face palm moment}! I mean, I'm on a webinar to give valuable info AND share the benefits of my amazing program so people can get the results they're craving, and I didn't give them the link to make it easy.

I had two options — I could have moped and felt frustrated by it all afternoon {but what good would that have done?} Instead, I wrote it down as “lesson learned” and moved forward. {And I didn't forget the link during any future webinars!}

Lesson #2:
Outsource your weaknesses – not your blind spots.

I did something different in this launch than I've done before: I outsourced several key pieces of work.

Normally, I draft the copy for my sales pages and design them myself; I love the work, and I'm the one who knows my program best, right?! Well, this time around, I decided that I would delegate some of this work to outside help: my incredible copywriter and my talented team.

Please know that before I got to the place where I delegated this work, I had a basic understanding of how to do it myself!

That's crucial, and it's why I'm so excited to teach the ladies in FB Ads Academy LIVE how to create their highly-converting ads, from start to finish! Some of these women will go on to hire an agency like mine to run ads for them, but they'll also have enough knowledge themselves to know that the work is being done correctly!

As business owners, we often want to maintain control of every aspect of our business. And we should know what's going on in our companies.

But each of us has a special zone of genius skill, and it makes sense for us to outsource the things that aren't in our own zone of genius to the people who are exceptional at doing those tasks.

By engaging my copywriter to handle the launch copy and my designer to put the sales page together, I freed myself up to focus on my own zone of genius: creating excellent free trainings for my potential clients, putting together the BEST program I've ever offered, and fielding questions about the course from women like you.


Lesson #3:
Launches are FUN!!!

I've got to tell you that I had an absolute BLAST running this launch. It felt so easy and light!

I loved hosting the free Masterclasses and interacting with amazing women like you via FB Lives. {I enjoyed those so much that I plan to go live more often!}

It was truly thrilling to see women who need the skills my program teaches gain access to that knowledge for a no-brainer investment price {my Founding Members got an incredible deal on the course}!

Hands down, this was my best personal launch EVER {I've become so used to running everyone else's launch that it was so fun running my again}, and I can't wait to do it again!

So, what's coming up for you when you read this? Are you getting ready to launch a new program or product? Are you looking forward to promoting your service to the people who need it most?

Share your launch dreams with me by sharing your thoughts in the comments!

With so much gratitude,