Happy New Year!

I can’t believe we’ve kicked off 2019! How excited are you to tackle your big, scary business goals this year?!

Now here’s the deal — I know that right now, you’re feeling ultra excited and motivated about all you’re going to achieve in your business. That’s awesome!

But if we’re being real (and you know I’m all about being real!), maybe, deep down, you’re also a little scared?

I thought so! I cannot tell you how many women tell me how much they struggle with confidence in their business (I’m not immune to the nerves either!).

It goes like this:

  • What will people think?
  • What if my launch fails?
  • What if I don’t reach my goals?
  • Who am I to be doing this anyway?

But here’s the deal, friend: in order to achieve those big intentions you set this year, you’ve got to kick fear to the curb. So to kick off the new year, I wanted to share a little bit of encouragement.

You are exactly who you are, and that is exactly enough to achieve everything you want to achieve.

Those big goals? You can crush ‘em.

Those naysayers? You can silence ‘em.

That doubt in your head? You can tell it to get lost.

The only thing standing in your way is that doubt and fear that keeps you from taking action. You want to know the best way to build your confidence? Just take action!

Run those ads, do that launch, sign that client. Do all the things that scare you. “Fail” and “fail” again until you realize that failing ISN’T failing, it’s learning and it’s making you better.

Soon you’ll turn around and realize the things that scared you? They don’t scare you at all.

Here’s to you achieving your wildest dreams this year! I believe in you.


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