Through running my own Facebook® ads for the last several years, {plus helping tons of clients through the Ads Agency}, I’ve been able to take a look at literally thousands of ads campaigns. I’ve run all the data, analyzed the markets, and dissected the returns on investment.

I’ve seen women make significant income from a well-run ad campaign {and that’s my goal for all of my clients}.

Yet I’ve spoken with far too many business women who’ve basically thrown their money away on ads because they missed one crucial step.

I don’t want to see you make this same mistake, so I knew I had to address this with you. Here’s my loving advice. I’m actually going to shout it at you because I care that much 🙂


Seriously, if you don’t have a Facebook® pixel installed on your website, landing page, and thank-you page, you are wasting your money on ads.

Now, I know the word “pixel” is kind of scary. It sounds really technical, sort of futuristic, and totally scientific. {There’s nothing sexy about it.}

But I want you to hear the word “pixel” and think “possibilities” and “profit”. Because that’s exactly what using your Facebook® pixel properly will do for you!

So how does this little gem work? Well, for anyone who’s running ads through a business account, Facebook® provides you with a little piece of code that you can insert into various places on your website.

The Facebook® pixel can do several powerful things for you, which is why you MUST use it to maximize the value of your ads. Here are my top two ways to start using this profit maximizer today:

1. The pixel will track your “conversions.” When you run your ads, you want to know who actually became a customer {or downloaded your opt-in, or registered for your webinar, etc.} from seeing your ad. By placing the pixel on the page where you ultimately want people who view your ad to land {usually, this is your thank-you page}, you can know how many of your ideal clients “converted” as a result of your ad.

2. The pixel helps you create “warm audiences.” For example, if you add the Facebook® pixel to your website, you can take all the data gathered by the pixel and use it to re-target people who’ve recently visited your website {or seen your prior ads, attended your webinars, or registered for your free gifts}. That way, when you run your next set of ads, you’re grabbing the attention of people who already know, like and trust you. These warm audiences generally convert at a much higher rate than cold traffic.

Without installing the Facebook® ads pixel, you’re guaranteeing that you’re going to spend a lot more money and reach fewer people with your ads. {That’s the total opposite of what you want to happen when you invest in ads!} So make sure you get your pixel up, tested, and running today!