I’m so excited to be heading to NYC this week to meet with my coach, network with other incredible entrepreneurs, and host my second Powerhouse Mastermind on June 10.

Being in a mastermind has made a major difference in my business and my life. My mindset is sharper, my business is booming, and I’m seeing the ripple effects of the work I’m doing as my clients have more influence and impact with their own audiences. It’s pretty amazing!

But I remember when I was first considering the mastermind…. honestly, it sounded like an amazing opportunity but also a massive investment {my fingers were trembling as I typed in my credit card details}.

These past 12 months have been a year of significant investment in my business {group coaching, 1:1 coaching, the mastermind, live events…}, but every investment has led to significant returns!

{Clearly, I “know, like and trust” my coach to the nth degree!!}

But do you want to know what first convinced me to work with her?

A Facebook Ad.

{Yes, you read it right. I’ve invested thousands because of some really awesome, highly targeted Facebook ads.}

Here’s how it happened… My coach was working with a client who was doing very, very well for herself in business. I overheard some of my business acquaintances talking about this client and saying some not-so-nice things. {It was clear they were jealous.} Their conversation had the opposite effect on me… it sparked my interest; this client was obviously working with a coach who helped her get big results. I did some research, found out the coach’s name and made a mental note to check her out.

Literally that same week, up pops a Facebook ad for her group program; the investment for the VIP option was, well… more than I want to share publicly… {ALWAYS do the VIP option if it’s offered to you}.

The cart was closing soon, and I was on the fence. But over the next few days, I must have seen her in my Facebook feed every single time I turned on my computer. I prayed about the decision, talked through it with my husband, and knew it was meant to be. Hitting send on that online payment brought up fears and doubts I didn’t know existed!

Within her group program, I soaked up all the knowledge that was available to me, yet I still wanted more! So I signed up to work with her one-on-one. Working with my coach in this capacity basically quadrupled my business revenue, so it was a no-brainer to invest in the next step: a high-level mastermind. Again, I knew how much extra individual attention would help move me forward, so I upgraded to the VIP option to receive additional one-on-one calls.

…And that's how one Facebook Ad cost me thousands! {And it was totally worth it!}

Working with my coach has changed everything in my business.

It’s connected me with my zone-of-genius skills and given me access to the BEST clients.

It’s enabled me to hire 17 people onto my team {and that’s made a difference in their lives and businesses, too}.

I couldn’t be more grateful that I’ve had this opportunity.

But what if she hadn’t run those Facebook ads? Those perfectly targeted ads with compelling copy and eye-catching images?

Well, I can pretty much promise you that there’s NO way I would have invested in her group program if I hadn’t seen her ads over and over and over again. It was like a new confirmation every time another one popped up in my feed. I’m forever grateful that she invested in those ads, because they took me from a completely cold lead to a sizzling hot customer in just a few days. And my life is transformed because of it!

And for her? The lifetime value of this customer has been significant… from just ONE set of ads that reached ONE customer {me}! Not a bad return on investment, is it?

I totally get that Facebook ads can be confusing, frustrating and overwhelming. But they are completely worth figuring out.

It's time for you to begin reaching your ideal clients and serving the women who need your unique gifts, skills, and talents the most.