Have you ever run a Facebook Ad with high expectations, only to find it tanking? Now you realized you’ve spent your hard-earned money on something that hasn’t benefited your business the slightest?

You’re not alone. Every day I hear from women in business that Facebook Ads never seem to do what they expect it to do, so they immediately dismiss it as a waste of money and time.

But sometimes, the ad isn’t the problem.

So how will you know when it is?

This post addresses the number one mistake that I see many make in this industry when it comes to Facebook Ads.

It’s something a lot of you are probably doing, or don’t know that you’re doing and it’s this:


How is that bad when it comes to running Facebook ads when it seems to be the best possible advice in most other situations? Let me explain:

People don’t want to test their ads, and so when something is not working they rely on intuition to decide the reason why.

So often I’ll have clients who come to me for an ads consult and I’ll say “OK, what’s wrong with your ads?”

We’ll start looking at them, and here’s what I’ve observed: they’ve run one ad set to one audience with one copy and one image.

And they say: “My ads aren’t working and I keep changing my copy and it’s not getting any better.”

But let’s stop and think for a moment… is it the copy that needs changing?

See, when we trust our intuition, there is a chance that we get it wrong. We don't always know exactly what it is that's bothering our ideal clients when it comes to our ads.

While we may not know exactly what it is that isn't working the data never lies. The data ALWAYS tells me what's working and what's not working.

So we'll dive in, we'll look. “OK, I've got something to work with, I've got some data here… so let's look at the data!”

When I'm looking at your ads, and I'm trying to decide, why are they are or aren’t working, I’m ALWAYS looking at the data first!

I am looking at your click-through rate. I want to know what percent of people who saw your ad clicked on it. Is your ad even doing the job of getting the clicks?

If it's not getting the clicks, it's not doing what you wanted it to do. So you do have a problem with your image or your copy.

But sometimes that's not the issue!

Sometimes the issue is your landing page isn't converting. See, your ad is getting tons and tons of clicks. You're sending all kinds of traffic over to your landing page, but then when we pop over to your landing page, it's converting at like 5%.

And so you thought you had an ad problem, but you actually have a landing page problem.

THAT is the biggest issue that I see. I see people who trust their intuition over trusting the data.

And so if you're running ads for your business, I want to encourage you to get super familiar with the data. Get an understanding of the data, because the data won't lie to you.

The data doesn't need intuition. The data is going to always tell you what's right or what's wrong.

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