He’s finally here!!!!

I’d like to introduce you to our sweet baby boy!

We are so excited to welcome Baby Boy, and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the support and love you have shown me this last year as we got ready to welcome him.

When he was born, baby brother was struggling with low blood sugar. This made him extra sleepy, which made him not want to eat, which made him extra sleepy… (you see where we’re going with this) and by the end of Day 1, everyone decided the best place for him to get better was in the NICU for a day or two.

While he was in the NICU, though, we found out that baby brother had a more serious problem. He started to do what the doctors call “desat”, which basically means to lose oxygen because you stop breathing. Several times a day, he will stop breathing (with no sign of distress and no symptoms other than the monitors going off).

The good news is, after tons of tests that came back perfect, we’re hopeful that with just a little bit of time, this will resolve itself. The bad news is, we don’t have a clear timeline for how long that will be.

This wasn’t the plan for how we thought we’d spend the holidays, but we look back at this and praise the Lord for low blood sugar that led to a NICU admission that led to discovering this before it was too late.

Despite the setbacks that we've had the last few weeks, I’m feeling extra full of blessings and miracles as we wrap up 2018, and I hope you are, too!

May your week be filled with love, fun, and quality time with those who mean the most to you.