Okay, here’s the deal…

… it’s not that we don’t like Halloween…

… it’s just that for the first four years of her life, my daughter was sick every single Halloween. Every one! So we just kind of… gave up 🤷‍.

Our Halloween tradition includes turning of the front porch lights, curling up in the family room with popcorn, and watching a fun movie! Our daughter puts on a princess dress and we play, play, play. It’s the BEST time!

Why am I sharing our quirky Halloween tradition with you? Because no matter what you’re doing to celebrate (or even if you’re not celebrating at all!) taking time to unplug and spend time with those you love is crucial for your (and their) wellbeing!

On your entrepreneurial journey, you’re going to be busy! There’s going to be a lot of work to be done. So I’m popping in to remind you to TAKE A BREATHER!

Taking time for yourself / your family is so important. Don’t forget to practice self care while you’re growing the business of your dreams — whether it be tomorrow or some other time!