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A HUGE part of my job is teaching people how to use Facebook Ads to their advantage. {and I loooove my job!} Running Ads on Facebook is not as simple as making a post, offering something for free, and hoping that clients will start knocking on your door.

There’s a lot more to it if you want to see a massive return on your advertising dollar.

Depending on where you’re at in your business’s development has a lot to with whether or not you even need an Ad Strategist, or whether you’re best starting at it alone.

{Now hear me clearly – just because you’re going at it alone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take training and learn the best strategies – the real question here is are you ready to outsource!}.

There are a few crucial things you will need to ask yourself:

Is your business making money?

This may sound like an obvious question, but I hear daily from start-ups and brand new businesses who are eager to ‘get their name out there’. Ads are absolutely a viable strategy for some businesses, but in general, I would recommend that you have a proven strategy in place first.

It’s all good and well to get your name out there, but if you don’t have a product or service to back it up, you could be spending a lot of money advertising for little (or no) return. I’m not saying you shouldn’t take this approach, but you should definitely speak to a business advisor, or a well-trusted Ad Strategist, before heading down this path.

If you are already selling a product or service, how much profit does your product sell for {i.e. profit = revenues minus known expenses}? How much do you think you is reasonable to spend to sell 10, 50, or 500 units of your product?

You need to have a goal in mind so that you know if you’re meeting your target. {I mean you’re not going to spend $2,000 on ads to sell 50 items that only cost $7 each. It just wouldn’t make sense, would it?}

What is your advertising budget?

If your advertising budget is quite low, then hiring an Ad Strategist may not be practical. For a decent, professional Ad Strategist, you could easily look at spending over $1,000 per campaign.

{Sure, there are some out there that may offer to do it cheaper, but you know the old saying; “You get what you pay for!”}

If you have a smaller advertising budget, then it may be more beneficial for you to do an ads course yourself and manage your own advertising campaign. Learn how to run effective Facebook® Ads, and spend $5-$10 a day until your business is more profitable.

Then you can gradually increase you spend as your business grows. When your business is ready to take the next step, then you can look at hiring an expert to take over.

What kind of service are you hoping to get?

Do you want an Ad Strategist, or are you looking for more of a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

The latter will do things for you, but you will need to specify the what, why and how to get those things done. An Ad Strategist {at least one worth their salt} will know what they are doing with very little input from you.

Of course, they will consult regularly with you in order to understand what outcome you are hoping to achieve, but from there they handle all the fiddly details to achieve your desired outcome.

If you want to just pay someone to get the job done, then an Ad Strategist is the way to go. If you prefer to micromanage and have control over what {and how} things are done, a VA is what you are after.

A VA can also do some of the other tedious tasks that you want to outsource.

Do you know what an Ad Strategist does?

Let’s break it down;
Ad = Advertising.
Strategist = Someone who can formulate an effective Strategy.


In essence, an Ad Strategist is someone who can not only advertise your business but has a plan to execute to achieve the desired results.

If a client asks you for a quote, you don’t just give them a quote and then forget about it. Do you? {Of course not!}

You follow up. You give them a call, or send them an email to remind them that you’re still here when they’re ready to sign-up or purchase your product.

An Ad Strategist {at least the good ones} will have the end-game built into your strategy. {That’s right YOUR strategy because it’s your business that they’re promoting}.

Part of the strategy may include the type of ads that are run, different target audiences, sales funnels, email campaigns, using ads to help you convert ‘clicks’ to sales and to chase up those potential client’s that are sitting on the fence but need a little more encouragement to sign-up.   

Are ads your weakness or your blind spot?

I highly recommend outsourcing your weaknesses as soon as you possibly can. But to outsource a blind spot requires the utmost trust and confidence in the individual you select.

I truly believe that online business owners and start-ups should learn enough about ads to be able to clearly understand what’s working and what’s not working. Learn your blind spots, then outsource your weaknesses.

Are you going to get a good return on your investment?

We’ve already covered your sales budget, but how do you know if you’re getting a good return on investment (ROI) for what you are spending? There are a couple of ways for you to measure your advertising cost versus results.

To start with, when giving you a quote for services, your Ad Strategist should be able to give you a ball-park figure of what you should expect to get for the amount you wish to spend.

For example; $Y in spend = X-number of clients signing up to your program.

Some ‘Social Media Services’ may offer to get you X number of likes on your FB page for a low-low price. However, be aware of cheap ‘click farms’.

Sure, they can certainly deliver on getting you ‘likes’, but those ‘likes’ are no good to you if they don’t convert to paying customers. What you really want to see is your CPA or CPE {That’s Cost Per Action or Cost Per Engagement}.

Your CPE is what it is costing you to Engage a customer from Ad through to final Sale or Sign-up.

For example:

# (number of clients signing up to your program) divided by $ (cost of your Ad Campaign) = CPE.
# ÷ $ = CPE

Ask your Ad Strategist to show you these numbers, and if you don’t understand them, ASK!

Just like any other part of your business, you need to know that the money you are investing is yielding a return (ROI), otherwise you may as well just throw your money out the window.

For more information on running your own successful ad campaigns and to learn all the insider tricks of the trade, check out our FB Ads Agency services {including our self-study course}.